no category
last night my brother had some friends over to watch The Ring.  why do people do that to themselves???  i seriously have no category for that – watching a movie that you know to be totally scary, intentionally trying to freak yourself out.  i find that completely and totally insane!  i HATE being scared.  i like being able to sleep at night!   i just don’t get it….

speaking of no category…  here’s a couple things i’ve been contemplating –
does God think?  i not sure i believe He does.  at least not in the way that we think.  “think” for a human involves processing, mulling over, working through, enhancing understanding, deepening comprehension.  and for us it always involves some level or aspect of not knowing.  God is completely all-knowing.  He always has been and always will be.  therefore there is no need for him to think.  i believe that God knows and He wills.  and He knows because He has willed, and he wills because He knows.  but I don’t believe that He thinks.  He has a mind, to be sure.  (“who has known the mind of the Lord?  and who has been His counselor?”)  but God’s mind is infinitely and utterly unlike ours.  so they way we use the word “think,” i would argue, does not apply to God.  

God is completely outside of time.  He existed before time.  (that alone blows my mind!)  so i was thinking about the phrase “before there was time.”  i have no language or words to describe the concept of “before there was time” because i cannot think outside of time.  i am completely bound by it and my mind cannot escape from it.  even the very word “before” connotates TIME!  a limitation, a chronological, linear way of thinking!  to say that God existED implies time!  it is a past tense.  my heart strains to keep it’s feeble grasp on this concept that i know to be true, while my mind reels in amazement.

how amazed i am at how utterly unlike us God is.  i cannot get my mind around it.  i just can’t.  i can’t comprehend…  and i fall on my face and worship Him for it.  as Spurgeon said, “we worship where we do not comprehend.”  i do not comprehend.  and it takes my breath away….

so I cry holy, only begotten Son of God
ancient of days
i cry holy, only begotten Son of God
i sing the praises of the One
who saved me, and the promises that He made
before there was time


PS – today is my 200th day with xanga! 


3 thoughts on “

  1. Ok–let me play devil’s advocate here re: The Ring… IT’S FUN!!! Especially, well, only when you’re with friends!! It’s the whole adreneline rush… Breaks up the mundane-ness of real life…
    *180 switch*
    Beautiful way of handling God/thinking/time… Love your Spurgen quote-and yes, glory be to God.

  2. mimi and i saw “the ring” in the movie theater, and i seriously believe there is something EVIL about that movie!! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!! i like being scared, but that was…. beyond scary.

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