::happy dreamy sigh:: 
saw this movie again last night.  wow.  i love it.  totally love it. 

hook to pan – “if i were you, i’d give up!”
pan to hook – “if you were me… i’d be ugly!”

Slightly (one of the lost boys), “aye.  that’s a kiss.  powerful thing.”

also currently listening to: Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack
(i’m just going for all the Romantic – notice the capital ‘R’ – pirate adventure stories at once!)   

::happy dreamy sigh::  i love being a girl…


4 thoughts on “

  1. Melody and I went to see P. Pan the day before I returned to college.  It was surprisingly good, although I’m not so sure about all that Romantic with a capital ‘R’ stuff.  I somehow manage to enjoy that and Pirates (minus the latter’s situational ethics and other various problems) without being a girl.

  2. (regarding your comment on my site in regards to mine on yours)
    Yes, I understood your meaning; it is just not quite the word I would have chosen.  Hmmm…that would make me a Romantic too, I suppose…my guy ego is still working that out… 

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