we leave in 8 hours!!  woo-hoo!!  i’m so stinkin’ excited!

rai and i went shopping last night for snacks and stuff for the trip!  made cinnamon rolls for michael’s family (who we’ll be staying with over the weekend).  packed as much as i could last night.  i can usually only get about 2/3 of the way through b/c the rest of the stuff i need in the morning…

went to three different places trying to exchange the 4 pack of carmel frappucinos for mocha ones (my mom and dad bought us fraps and fruit drinks for the trip!  aw, isn’t that sweet?  unfortunately, my mother is not a “user” and knows next to nothing about coffee, except that it is a drug and tastes awful to her, which is why she doesn’t “use”, and thus the reason she didn’t know that mocha means chocolate and that rai and i like mocha, not carmel fraps.  but it was so nice of her to buy them for us!).  they were out at wal mart and frys.  and the guy at frys was doing his best to hit on us.  it was a noble (albeit obvious) attempt, but seriously, since when was swearing impressive?  talk about a turn off…  we finally ended up hitting the jackpot at walgreens – reese’s pieces AND mocha fraps!  score!  and the cashier at walgreens was cute-friendly.  not flirty-friendly.  that was refreshing.  i like cute-friendly boys. 


4 thoughts on “

  1. I’ll be praying you have a safe trip… Have a great weekend!
    (Yeah… too many of us play the flirty-friendly angle.  I too figure every once in a while it’s nice to be just… NICE!  Besides, “flirty” is fun, but not ALL the time, not nearly.)

  2. Sweet so you know Hope?  I’ll have to ask her about you.  It’s such a small world.  Are you part of a Sovereign Grace church too?

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