^just got this CD yesterday.  i’ve known about josh groban for over a year and even heard bits and pieces of his stuff, but never thought that much about it.  i mean, i thought it was good and all, but…  then raigan and i listened to most of the CD on the way back from california and i was like, “where has this been all my life???”  it’s so incredibly beautiful!  aaaahhh.  i love it! 

made cards last night (like, birthday cards, thank you cards, just because cards, etc.).  i set a new record – i made 6!  usually every time i sit down to make cards, i can only get 3 done.  i don’t know what it is but i can never make more than 3.  ::shrug::  but last night i was at it for about 3 hours – listening to josh groban, than “watching” (more like it was playing in the background) Newsies.  man, i forgot how much i love that movie.  so good.  i can quote it in it’s entireity (sp?).  plus hum every note to all the songs and the background music.  sad. 

yesterday was really slow at work.  but the day got much better when my boss (our administrator) sent me down to the local theatre to stand in line and save seats for the 5 pastors and their wives.  it was great!  i got starbucks and got to sit and write letters and read for over an hour – all on work time!  it was a nice relief from the slow day too.  haha.  “what do you do as the church secretary, andrea?”  “well, everything from changing the toilet paper rolls in the bathroom to standing in line at movie theatres for the pastors.  and occasionally i answer the phone or make copies.”  haha.


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  1. Sounds like the good kind of job where there’s new little things to deal with or do or new errands to run each day.  I like that kind of job.

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