hee,hee.  got this picture from a friend in maryland. 


haha!  made me laugh out loud!


7 thoughts on “

  1. oh yeah!!  i listen to odysseys on that website often!  it’s great!  “The Power” was one of my brother’s and i’s favorites.  “i don’t want my parent’s phone bill to suddenly show that i made 57 calls to rome!  i can’t be seen with you!”  haha!!  thanks, thomas!

  2. you can listen to oddessey online?  COOL!  i came to comment on the chair pic & learned about oddessey!  its like i’m evesdropping!  🙂
    haha that picture is hilarious!!!

  3. Whoa.
    That is awesome.
    Looks like I know what I’m gonna be sitting in front of the computer doing this weekend!
    “Digger!  Digger Digwillow!”

  4. have you heard Heatwave?  where jack and oscar follow digger diggwillow as he’s building wonderworld?  i LOVE that one!
    “i broke the walkie-talkie!  my dad’s going to be mad!  how am i going to explain this?  ‘well, dad it’s like this, i fell into a moat.'”  (oscar) haha!
    “digger-digger-diggwillow?” (oscar)”ha, that joke gets around…” (digger)

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