bought the soundtrack to Peter Pan yesterday.  it’s fun! 

i finally got the picture of raigan, michael and i on the beach up as my profile pic!  it’s not the greatest picture, but hey, it works for now. 

this week is going to be insane!  i’m doing nearly 2 weeks worth of work in 4 days – ’cause my family leaves for maryland on friday morning!!  woo-hoo!!  we’ll be gone for 8 days on vacation to DC! 


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  1. D.C.!  That sounds awesome.  I’d really like to go back… just to go to the National Art Gallery (or whatever the specific name of it is).  That place was amazing… when my senior class in high school went to DC for our senior trip, that was the absolute best thing we did and best place we went to… just me and a few friends looking at some amazing stuff.  Make sure you tell us about the cool museums you get to see, things like that!
    Like I said on my site I’ll write you back… usually I’m the type to do that as soon as I get a message but I’ve been swamped with midterms.  But I sure will soon.  Have a good, joyful day!

  2. oh, i totally want to see the national art gallery (or whatever)!  anything else you’d recommend?  i’ve never truly “done” DC (i caught a few monuments in a quick, midnight run in august of 2002, but that is about it…), so if you have any suggestions, please send ’em this way! 
    no problem about the email! 

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