ever notice that how funny something is, is often directly proportional to how hard those around you are laughing? 

last thursday my family rented this stand-up comedy routine DVD.  oh my gosh, i can’t remember the last time i laughed that hard!  i was doubled over, falling off the couch, wiping my eyes, holding my sides, gasping for breath!  and my parents were doing the same.  it was SOO funny! 

so, saturday night i took the DVD over to a friend’s house and we watched it together.  it wasn’t nearly as funny the second time around, to be sure.  and my friend didn’t laugh a whole lot.  nothing like my family the first time we saw it.  which led me to ponder and do a bit of analyzing.  i concluded that she probably would have laughed more if i had been laughing.  and that i probably would have laughed more if she had been laughing.  and that i probably laughed more than i normally would have the first time around because my parents were howling, and that made it all the more funny.  hence, my conclusion that the comedic effect of something is often directly proportional to the laughing level of those around you. 


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  1. i have also been in situations where i am the sole laugher.  did the others just not get it?  or did i just not get it?  i’ll never know. 
    but i understand about direct relation to if those around you are laughing!  😀

  2. well, i didn’t want to post that originally, b/c it’s not someone i necessarily condone, and i don’t want to support.  it was ellen degeneres.  the DVD was actually really clean.  she made her “obligatory” gay comments toward the beginning, and they were played for laughs more than support, and i didn’t find them offensive at all.  and after that, everything else was totally clean and stinkin’ hilarious!  if it weren’t her, i would unreservedly recommend the DVD (called “here and now”.  she’s actually a very skilled comedian.  i was quite impressed with her performance overall.

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