^ checked this book out from the library last night.  an old favorite.  can’t wait to reread it on the vacation!  pleasure reading…  ::sigh:: 

okay, i am a very self-controlled shopper.  those who know me best will admit that i can look at an item that is adorable, i love it, and it’s a great price for what it is, and yet i can still say, “well, i don’t really need it” or “it may be a great price, but i still don’t have the money to spend on it” and walk away.  no big deal.  i shop like a guy.  i’m on a mission.  i go in, look for what i need, if they have it, great, i buy it.  if they don’t, i turn heel and walk out.  (most of the time, unless i’m with other people or have time to kill or am intentionally going to browse/”shop”) 


even the most self-controlled shopper is powerless against Ross.  i tell ya, that store just sucks you in!  it has TONS of stuff from clothes and purses and fun accessories, to journals and lampshades and board games.  and everything is usually very well priced!  i already had my sunglasses from target and there was a ross next door.  i shouldn’t have gone in.  i should have resisted.  i should have called raigan to distract me and driven over to where she was right then and there.  but, alas, the ross pull overcame me and in i went.  no sunglasses.  but cute summer dresses for $7!  unfortunately none of them fit me right.  darn this unusual body!  i am so hard to fit.  i managed to keep my ross time under 30 minutes.  and i came out with such wonderful treasures!  a set of (4) blue glasses (for $5!) that we will either use in our kitchen with the rest of the my mom’s set, or i’ll keep them for my (eventual) kitchen ’cause i love them so much; a lovely blue scarf that we’re going to cut into 2 pieces ’cause it’s too big on it’s own – fabulous for dressing up a couple outfits for work; an adorable green purse that looks like it was stolen from Ann Taylor Loft; and a cute mug for the “random last minute gifts” stash. 

now, not all of you are rendered powerless when you walk by a Ross, but you all have your store.  i know it. and you know it.  bwah ha ha ha ha! 

we leave for maryland in less than 48 hours!  woo-hoo!!  8 days of pure, unadulterated vacation await me in *snowy* maryland.  yep, just got an email from a friend that said it was snowing there.  oh man.  so much for DC in the spring… 

yeah, less than 48 hours to go and i developed pink eye last night (or some sort of eye infection that makes me look like Mrs. Devil).  sheesh.  praise God my mom kept the prescription eye drops we got when i got pink eye like a year ago.  and praise God my eyes don’t feel very irritated at all, so i’m not in any major discomfort.  but i am having other discomforts.  all i have to say is, aunt martha is visiting from minnesota.    (luz is cracking up right now…) 

praise God for tylenol.  gotta love legal drugs. 


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  1. Gosh darn Aunt Martha and her party animals.  Blame it on George.  They’re all from Minnesota.  ‘Cause when it rains, it POURS!  😉
    You’ll be missed!  Feel better, read lots, and enjoy relaxing!!!

  2. Andrea, call me slow, but I finally remembered the song on your weblog… “In Christ Alone”, yes I’ve seen it a few times, but didn’t read it all as one thing. Excellent choice, I love that song!!! ~Sarah

  3. oh i’m hopeless at ross also!  speaking of shopping–you must think i just forgot about that blue aggie shirt i was going to send you–no, i haven’t forgotten, they were out for a while, so i just kept going back & looking, & i think they discontinued it.  😦  sorry!  do you want another one?  just let me know.  have fun in dc!!  we’re both enjoying snow, just on opposite ends of the country!    a sweet thought!

  4. holler that’s great!  i didn’t even think of that – the snow thing!  right on!
    about the shirt – i totally forgot about it!  haha!  thanks for being faithful to follow up on that!  you’re better than i!  um, let’s hold off for now.  i’ll just have to come out again and visit and get a shirt then! 
    oh, i got to wear that little black dress i bought while i was with you!  a small group of us had a dinner party and went to the theatre and saw My Fair Lady.  i wore it then.  and i must say, it looked very nice.  one of the guys even complimented me on it. 
    have fun in the snow!  i’ll think of you if i make any snowballs! 

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