currently: PACKING!! 

we leave for maryland in the morning!  woo-hoo!!  it’s been really fun tonight having the entire family packing!  we haven’t been on an official, full-blown, planned family vacation in 6 and 1/2 years!  yep, that’s right.  it was July of 1997 the last time the Lambros family went on an official family vacation, so this is quite a momentous event.  we’re all very excited!  it’s going to be so different now that ryan and i are older.  we’re in a completely different season as a family than we were last time.  in 1997 we went on a 3 week drive up the west coast.  i was 14 and ryan was 11.  now, we’re flying to DC for 8 days.  i’m 21 and ryan’s 18.  talk about a world of difference.  i’m so excited and looking forward to enjoying great times with my family.  we’ve become really close and been though so much together in the last 6 years.  wow.  this is going to be great. 

we’d appreciate your prayers for travel mercies, safety, health and good times. 

i don’t know if i’ll have internet access at all while we’re gone, so i probably won’t be on xanga until the 22nd.  i might be able to post once or twice from our host family’s house, but i really have no idea.  so, until then…

look out DC – here comes the Lambros family!!

all my love.  au revoir! 


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