we made it to maryland!  woo-hoo!!  the flight(s) went really quickly and rather uneventfully.  my brother and i chuckled a number of times at my daddy, who hasn’t done a whole lot of traveling lately…  still thinks you can board the flight 5 minutes prior to departure.  both flights we were almost the last passengers to board..  haha!

made it to the Covenant Life Church singles meeting with my friend kelley.  that was super fun!  it was even more fun seeing the expressions on the faces of friends of mine that didn’t know i was going to be in town! 

whoops!  gotta run!  pancakes are waiting…  rachel and steven (5 and 3) made them, with a little help from my dad… 

this family has like, hyper-high speed internet, so i should be able to post about the trip relatively often!  yay!

today we’re going to go into DC to just check in out and start making plans… 

until later…


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