i thought i was a fast walker.  yeah, think again.  i guess i’m usually a fast walker when i’m by myself.  but when i’m with the other 3 members of my family, i become a slow walker, due to having the shortest legs. 

walking around DC today i often trailed in the back.  i’m the shortest in the family (but not by a ton!), and have the shortest legs, so… 

we saw the viet nam, korean, lincoln, and jefferson memorials today.  the washington monument was sold out of tickets, so we’re going to go on thursday (we called ahead this time).  very cool.  the korean memorial is, in my opinion, the coolest, with it’s etchings and statures.  very cool!  and the jefferson memorial was my favorite as far as intelligence in design goes.  beautiful building and you can go underneath it and there is a gift shop and a historical timeline along one wall and other informative stuff.  although, i don’t really like jefferson much.  a deist who went through his bible cutting out anything that he didn’t particularly like.  but he had some good views on government and oversaw the writting of the declaration of indepence, so…  i guess we’ll let him stay. 

then we went to Old Towne Alexandria.  it was something of a disappointment since we thought it was going to be real historic and old fashioned and touristy (imagine that – we wanted it to be touristy!), and it was really just an old town that had been converted into a bunch of shops and places to eat.  it was okay. 

tomorrow is museum day, since it’s supposed to snow and possibly rain.  american history museum, natural history museum, holocaust museum, maybe the spy museum… 



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  1. Dear Andrea,
    Wow!  Enjoy it!  And do go to the Holocaust museum if you get the chance – it’s supposed to be incredible.  🙂 
    Did you know that the only piece of art in Monticello (TJ’s home) is a painting in the entryway of Salome with John the Baptist’s head?  Weird.

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