wow. i am truly on vacation. for the first time in a long time, i have had almost no sense whatsoever of TIME. i realized yesterday that for the greater part of the last couple days, i have not scanned the room for a clock, checked my watch, or been even remotely aware of the time. who cares?! we eat when we’re hungry, go to bed when we’re sleepy, stroll through museums and monuments at our leisure… it’s amazing. it really is. it’s amazingly foreign. we come from such a time sensitive and time oriented culture and world and life, that to not be aware of it is really quite incredible. i’m loving it! it’s great. i am in no hurry to end it. at least i still have 3 more full days of not caring about that dastardly thing called time.

i finished The Black Arrow in record time and started on Peter Pan. it’s nice to do just pleasure reading. remind me to buy The Black Arrow when i get home. that is a GREAT book! i’d forgotten how much i loved that book. and i marvel at how i ever got through it the first time i read it! seriously, stevenson wrote that in [very] olde engligsh which at times, confused me even now! how in the world did i ever comprehend it the first time around, when i was like, 12?! ah, The Black Arrow would make a great movie if done well! great story…

my mom and i did the holocaust museum today. very sobering. it’s incredible that people could murder and torture and be so incomprehensibly cruel to other people, just because of their race or nationality or religion. it’s astounding. utterly beyond my comprehension. sick and wrong. i really can’t find words for it.

my mom and i also did the national gallery of art in about an hour. we only had an hour or so, so we blew through it, glancing at the art we didn’t really like, and gazing a tad longer on the art that we did like. then we spent some nice time in the museum shop looking at the prints. i found a BEAUTIFUL money print that would go fabulously in my room, but the smallest one they had was poster size for $20. i would prefer a smaller one, but i might end up having to get the bigger one if that’s all they have (which it appears to be).

last night i had dinner with my friend kelley, then we went to caregroup. then hung out some more at her house. i had a great time! she and i kept discovering ways that we are very alike and it was kind of scary. as she put it, “it’s a good thing you live out west, because i don’t think covenant life (her church) could handle two of us!” haha! she’s great and i just love spending time with her… hopefully we’ll get to hang out again one more time (tonight). if she calls me back…

until next time…

all my love


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  1. So that’s why you weren’t at church on Sunday… Hmm. <Grin> Hope the rest of your trip is fabulous–eat some yummy sea food for me, k???

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