well, today was our last day in DC. and i came home with treasures galore! woo-hoo!! i spent a hefty some of moo-lah and in return, i am bringing home many many lovely things! most of them are for other people, so it’s completely excuseable, right? we rode the metro for the last time too. that was kind of sad. i really liked the metro. except yesterday there was a fire or something down farther in the tunnel so we were delayed over an hour. speaking of yesterday, let me catch ya’ll up real quick. did the washington monument yesterday – went all the way to the top! wow, what an amazing view! then my dad and brother and i went to the spy museum! that was extremely cool! i love spy movies and TV shows, so i had a great time!

last night after dinner, i went to target with tami (our host family mom). okay, targets out here in maryland rock! this one was two stories! yes, that’s right – two stories! it has elevators and escalators. and there are even special escalators that you send your CARTS up and down in! that rocked. and this target just had cooler stuff than the targets where i live. seriously. i bought more fun treasures too – 3 DVDs (hey, when they’re only $9.44…), some cool scrapbook/card making paper, and jelly beans for my brother. target is a dangerous store… “i laugh at danger – ha ha ha ha!”

today we went to the capitol to do a tour, but the line was really long for security and we had to meet mr. lorence for a personal tour of the supreme court, so we decided to not do the capitol tour. unfortunately mr. lorence was delayed, and we never connected. so my mom and i went and did our fun shopping stuff at the natural history museum and the national art gallery, and then went to see if we could catch a glimpse of the white house. we kinda did, but security is pretty tight, and they don’t let you get very close, so…so much for that. oh, saw the hope diamond in the natural history museum. wasn’t that impressed. sorry, i thought it would be bigger…

tomorrow we alight to come home. i’m rather happy. not that i’m looking forward to going back to work and the daily, ordinary routine of life, but i do miss home and my friends and my church and the warm weather. and besides, if this vacation lasts any longer, we’re going to need to join a gym here in maryland so i can get back to working out! i wouldn’t be surprised if i put on a few pounds this week! haha! i’m definitely looking forward to going out jogging again with becky next week. in shorts. and a tank top.

well, my mom is making enchiladas for the holmes. i need to back upstairs and help. until next week…

au revior from maryland!



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  1. it was a REALLY REALLY great message. I was SO convicted!! i had a great time of prayer/confession/repentance after the message. 🙂
    it was a GREAT surprise seeing you as well. i hope that i didnt scare you too bad when i ran at you. 😉

  2. The Hope Diamond is so TINY!  I’ve always wondered why people decided to make such a big deal out of tiny rocks.  Oh well, I guess eventually I’ll have to buy some big rock on some gold ring for someone… but I still think the whole concept’s silly.
    I’m glad you had a great trip, Andrea!  Sounds like you hit up all the good stuff.  Drop me a line and let me know how things are going.

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