oh to be 7 again…
last night i went over to raigan’s house and hung out with her and pami.  (pami is raigan’s long time friend from el paso/juarez who she – raigan – grew up with, and who i met a couple years ago)  we did the funniest thing!  we pulled out the costume/dress-up boxes, created crazy costumes, and then video taped ourselves re-enacting a scene from the movie “how to lose a guy in 10 days”.[if you’ve seen the movie, we did the scene where ben makes dinner for andi and she starts crying b/c she doesn’t eat meat, and so they go out to a restaurant and she throws a little tantrum claiming “my boyfriend thinks i’m fat!  and i can’t eat in front of him!” to the horror of the waitress and onlookers.]  oh my gosh!  it was so stinkin’ hilarious!  there were 3 characters – ben, andi, and the waitress lady.  so we filmed it 3 times, rotating characters each time so we all got to do each character.  and we changed the costumes and voices each time too!  LOL  i thought the last one was the funniest – raigan played andi and looked like little bo peep, and pami played ben and looked like a surfer wannabe with an accent that kept bouncing back and forth between surfer and black hip hopper.  i was the waitress and looked like a 1920s flapper, imitating the sqeaky voice of that lady from Singin’ in the Rain.  it was so fun dressing up and acting stupid and cracking up left and right!  what fun! 

what is it that causes us to outgrow wanting to do that kind of stuff?  it’s so fun!!


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  1. i love dressing up!!  i don’t think we ever outgrow it, we just stuff the desire & pretty soon if we keep on stuffing we’re gunna blow up.  so play dress up today!  your video sounds so fun!  i love that scene–it’s so hilarious!  that’s such a bummer that we were both in the DFW airport at the same time & never knew it.  i was eating hagen-das ice cream & reading in style.  what terminal were you in?  i arrived in A & then went to C-14 where I left from (5 hours later!). 

  2. we arrived at gate C-6 or something and then departed to gate C-20 (i think)..  so we were in the C terminal the whole time!  darn it!  it’s kind of weird…  like, imagine it like a movie – me walking around the terminal and sitting there reading, and just a few gates down, you were sitting there reading!  crazy!  oh ::sniff:: that makes me miss you!

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