camera capers
i got my pictures back from the trip to maryland!  and subsequently, from the disneyland trip too!  wow.  those disposable kodak cameras take great pictures!  i’d been having problems with my regular/real camera.  it always seemed to blanch out people’s faces.  and being the pale irish girl that i already am, it was worse on me, and i hated it!  we finally figured out that it’s probably the flash on my camera.  the brightness of the flash and the angle at which it hits the object – we think.  so between that and not wanting to carry around a *real* camera in disneyland, i bought two disposables cameras.  what a difference!!!  seriously!  all of sudden i am WAY more photogenic then i ever thought i was!  haha!  the majority of my pictures turned out really nicely, whereas before, decent pictures were the exception, rather than the norm.  hooray for good pictures! 

caustic craters
tuesday was an interesting day.  the side of my thumb knuckle collided with my big toenail as i flipped off of my bed to answer the phone.  the result was the loss a lovely chunk of skin.  the side of my thumb now has a crater of sorts that i keep having to fill with neosporin (sp?) and cover with a bandaid.  i never realized how frequently i use/touch/brush up against that part of my thumb!  for the love!   

cumbersome connections 
THEN i got super glue in my hair!  ::sigh::  long story.  

i’m not sure if i like the idea of my hair being an auburn “bob”…..   


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