okay, so i ran up to the UPS store near the office yesterday to have a package overnighted (it was too late to call for a pickup).  i walk in and briefly discussed with the gentleman behind the counter what i needed to do to overnight the package.  he hands me a form to fill out, which i immediately start doing…  as i’m bent over the paper diligently writing, he asks –

“is that your natural color of eyes?”

the reply, “yep” caught on my tongue as i thought, did he just say EYES?  is that my natural color of… EYES?  i mean, i’m used to people asking if that is my natural color of HAIR – being a redhead and all, but… eyes!? 

“yep” the reply made it’s way out as i thought, ‘yes, i’m a natural blue…’  

then it occured to me that red hair and blue eyes aren’t the most common combination – usually it’s red hair and green eyes.  ooooohhhhh!  silly me. 

“well, they’re very pretty, if you don’t mind me saying so,” he returned.

“oh, thank you” i grinned down at the form, highly amused by the whole interchange. 

haha!  never been asked that question before…  my eyes must have looked unusually bright yesterday afternoon! 


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  1. yeah, and the sad thing was, i was like, “oh, he’s not hitting on me.  he’s just being nice.” b/c he really was saying it in a polite way, not in a flirty way.  then i got home and told my cousin and she was like, “oh he was totally hitting on you!” which i finally accepted after realizing that later on in the conversation he had made a comment about not minding me keeping him company in the empty UPS store…  ::sigh::  and they say innocence is bliss… 

  2. Hey hey, nothin’ wrong with getting a good compliment here and there.  I didn’t know your eyes were blue!  A combination of that and red is pretty cool!  I’m just boring ol’ brown and brown.

  3. Dear Andrea,
    Very nice, fellow red-haired and blue-eyed human!
    There are guys out there who compliment ladies and are glad they’re around without hitting on them.  Don’t give him motives he may not have – maybe he was just trying to brighten your day, even if he did cross the line a little.

  4. thanks, thomas.  that was my original thought.  i didn’t think he was hitting on me at all.  but my cousin (who wasn’t there, btw) insisted that he was…  so maybe he wasn’t.  i’d rather think that he wasn’t.   

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