i bought a plane ticket to denver today!  woo-hoo!!  i found a smoking deal on expedia.com – $183.20 roundtrip from phx to denver.  that is actually a really good price, considering that i usually can’t find anything lower than $220something or $254.  actually, america west has a flight between phx and denver for $88 roundtrip!  unfortunately you have to fly on a thursday, saturday or monday, and at crazy, ungodly hours (which i would totally be up for if i was only paying $88!).  but since i am extremely limited with my flying dates and times, i couldn’t get that particularly smokin’ deal.  (being a grown up with a full time job stinks sometimes!)  but, i’m still happy with $183.20! 

and i’m uber happy to go visit my friends in denver!  callie (primarily) and debbie and meghan and tyler and tim and scott and marybeth and emily!  hooray!  it’ll only be a quick trip – friday night till sunday night (that whole working full time thing in the way again) – but hey!  i get to go!  ::does little dance in her seat:: 

and the countdown begins…  22 days… 


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