i borrowed our administrative assistant’s car to make the monthly costco run.  i got inside and breathed in.  and immediately thought of camp.  the scent that filled my nostrils bore an uncanny resemblance to the smell of the dorms at Baylor.  (don’t ask me what kind of new car interior smells like the dorms at baylor.  i don’t know – somehow it just did!)  ::sigh::  and that made me think of camp.  ::sniff sniff:: ::sob!::  i’m going to miss camp so much this year…  it’s been a given part of my summer for the last 6 years.  it’s always been there.  i planned my summers around two things – worldview academy and celebration west.  there is no celebration west this year, and there is no worldview academy either.  hmmm.  i wonder what kind of exciting things God has in store for me instead?  [said through tear-filled eyes hopefully looking up]


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  1. I had similar feelings last year. After having WVA a part of my summer for three straight years, it was hard to think about camp because of all the things I knew I would miss. God had in mind something else for me that summer. I pray you an awesome summer!

  2. no celebration?  how far is nau from phoenix?  you should come for a day if its not too far!  and what about seattle?  weren’t you thinking of coming for the weekend?  i will miss you so much this summer!!!

  3. NAU is about 3 hours from phx.  Hmmm… maybe i’ll see if i can take like, a 1/2 day off and come up and visit that would be nice.  unfortunately, the mission trip i’m going on with our church youth was moved up a week, so it falls during the 1st seattle camp and thru the “between” weekend, so i’m not going to be able to come up and visit for that weekend anymore.   

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