well, i am finished with housesitting.  not completely forever.  just with the house from last week.  and that experience led me to set a couple prerequisites for the next time i think about and/or take on a housesitting job –

1. if there are animals involved, they must be completely housetrained.  i’m sorry, but i just can’t participate in that kind of training in this season of my life (working full time, etc.). 
2.  [this second prereq could alter the first one slightly, depending on the situation]  the animals (well, dogs mostly) must be able to stay outside for at least 1/2 day at a time.  if i’m not going to be home, i want the dogs to be able to run and romp and play during the day and not be cooped up in the house or in a kennel all day. 
3.  i will need to borrow/use one of the houseowner’s cars.  it’s extremely difficult on my family-of-four-drivers-and-only-two-cars when i take on a housesitting commitment and don’t have a car.  so housesitting without a car at my full disposal is next to impossible unless the house is down the street. 
4.  next time i housesit, i’m going to consider it more on a live-in basis, not a run-over-and-take-care-of-the-animals-3-times-a-day-and-sleep-over-there-once-or-twice basis, which is what i have done in the past.  it’s just too hard to do the job with excellence.  i need to just live at the house like it’s my own.  now, this resolution/prerequisite is more for my own family than the housesitting family.  but it’s something i decided recently, so it goes on the list too.   

i think that’s all.  now, many of you may be thinking, silly girl, those things are all givens for housesitting – don’t you know that?!   maybe for you they have been, but not for me.  i’m a little slower than your average blue-eyed-redhead…    and i guess i had never really thought all these things through before.  well, there were a few little “incidents” that occured this week that forced these thoughts right through the gates of my mind and filed them immediately in the newly created mental folder of “housesitting prerequisites”. 

“incidents” such as…
– the lab puppy decided to jump up on the master bed and pee on the down comforter.  yeah. 
– the jeep i was driving was keyed in the wal mart parking lot while raigan and i were having dinner.  ::sigh::  why do people do such things?  it’s so mean!
– the puppy decided to poop all over the living room floor.  it was gross. 
– the puppy did all sorts of business in it’s crate on the first day.  sheesh.  i had to drag the crate out into the backyard and rinse it off using a pitcher and water from the kitchen because the hose wouldn’t work.  then i had to crawl into the crate to wipe it down because the sides don’t just detach like normal kennels do.  at least it was already clean by the time i had to crawl into it. 
– the dog and the cat both shed like the dickens.  it’s insane. 

well, by the end of the week, i liked the cat more than i liked the dog!  and for those of you who know me well, that is shocking!  (i do NOT like cats.)  but now, ebony and i are great friends….

fun things from the week:
– i loved having a car to drive.  (see previous post)  except for the keying part.  that totally stinks. 
– raigan and i had fun together!  we started season 3 of Alias, she gave me a pedicure (belated bday present), had dinner together, and …
– went and saw The Prince and Me.  okay, holly, i didn’t think it was so bad!  i mean, sure it was a bit sappy at times, and the plot didn’t really flow, and the ending was kinda lame, but it was still cute!  very romantic, and very cute.  and clean!  i was so happy that they’re relationship was “clean” if you know what i mean (hint: they didn’t ::cough::sleeptogether::cough::). 
– i was triumphant in figuring out how to wash the down comforter!  turns out, the comforter was really just a demin case for the actual down part that is in turn encased in plastic.  so all i had to do was remove the case and wash it.  yes!

well, i’m back to riding my bike to work and loving on my own little, darling, manageable, clean, smart dogs.    and sleeping in my own bed.  ah.  life is good.



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  1. Oh, Andrea, come ON… “The Prince and Me” was so cheeseball it’s not even funny!
    Yeah, yeah, I saw it too.  I got roped into seeing it a couple of months ago as a screener, so at least I didn’t pay for it!  So maybe they changed up some stuff and fixed things here and there (no doubt they did).  During the tractor race part, though, I was absolutely dying.
    OK, OK, it wasn’t that bad.  Well, maybe it was.  Are you just one of those people who is a sucker for romantic comedies?

  2. i’m not exactly a sucker, but i do like some romantic stuff.  i heard rumors about how the ending of the movie was changed (they ended up together in the end, of course, but it wasn’t always like that).  did it end that way when you saw it? 
    i’m not saying it was terrific.  i probably wouldn’t see it again unless i was with a group that really wanted to see it or something.  but it wasn’t as bad as others.  and it was clean.  that’s really important to me.  it was pretty funny in places too.  did you know that the whole tractor thing is real?  like, people really do that!  that was hilarious! 

  3. I’m pretty sure it was that same ending, that they do end up together, though in somewhat of a cheesy way.
    They must have changed stuff… because when I saw it… it wasn’t quite so clean!  There wasn’t anything TOO scandalous, but there was plenty hinted at and plenty that *almost* happened.  I think they must have cleaned it up, then.

  4. well, there was some stuff, and in one scene, they definitely weren’t holding back or attempting to be chaste or anything, but they were interrupted.  i was just pleased that they didn’t sleep together.  it’s so easy for filmmakers to put that in (even without showing anything), that when they don’t, i consider it a good thing.  but you’re right, there was some stuff hinted at, but nothing explicit.  i think we probably saw the same version…

  5. Ah, the library scene, if I remember correctly.
    It’s always nice for a change when they don’t make sex the be-all and end-all, isn’t it?  Though I think it’s bogus when I’ve seen films turn things the other way and vilify it, also.  But it is nice every now and then to get something that’s not completely racy and ridiculous and makes that the focus and the total goal of the characters in the movie.  Kinda defeats the purpose.  When I see movies like that or run into people like that, it’s sad, because I realize how empty that’ll make them feel… never fails to turn out that way!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it though.  Sure, it was hokey, but hokey’s not bad ALL the time.

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