i did my taxes last night.  i’m going to be getting $366.00 back in refunds!! 

WOO-HOO!!  ::dancing around::

what in the world am i going to do with $366 *extra* money?  i mean, i know what i COULD do with it, i just don’t know what i AM going to do with it.  well, like all decisions of this nature, i will probably sit on it for a number of weeks before deciding anything…  but if anyone has any brilliant beyond brilliant ideas, i’m open… 


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  1. And you have just proved John Kerry wrong! Because I am absolutely sure that you are not in the richest one percent of the population, and yet, what are you getting? Come on class, lets repeat. A tax refund! šŸ˜‰
    Well, you could get a new computer for $409 dollars, you could buy 366 songs off of itunes, you could buy a plane ticket to who knows where and visit someone, you could use the money for a weekend trip to California..um..hmm..You could buy a new cool camera!
    But all of those are sort of “normal” ideas….nothing brilliant beyond brilliant. šŸ˜‰

  2. open a bank account, and start saving for a new car.  I picture you in a sporty, blue Jetta.  Or maybe one of those Austin Minis, but they’re pretty pricey.
    A weekend in Seattle this summer would be fun.  Especially because of all the people you would be meeting up with…

  3. oh, seattle is a possibility!  maybe.  if i can get out of the ::cough::mandatory::cough:: mission trip training that weekend…  cross your fingers!  i SO want to come up!!

  4. Definitely go on a trip.  Definitely.  Find somewhere fun you can get away to for a few days with some friends!

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