well, i’m not actually reading this ^^ book – i went and saw it performed last night by the Southwest Shakespeare Company at an amphitheatre!  Ah, ’tis so lovely to sit outside for something like that…  the play was really fun!  the lady who played Rosalind was excellent!! 

shakespeare’s plays are brilliant.  they really are.  i love his portrayal of men in love – it’s so hilariously adorable.  and he also portrays women quite favorably – in contrast to what was common in his day.  shakespeare’s women are intelligent, witty, wise…  sometimes impetuous and over emotional, which is to be expected.  they are women after all.  i love it.  shakespearean women are fully female, but not to be looked down upon.  not useless.  not to be dismissed on account of their sex.  and his men are some of the best wooers in history.  and some of the most courageous and noble.  as well as the most cowardly and stupid and cruel (depending on the play).  in every play there is a lesson to be learned, an example to glean from.  language to soak up and ponder.  and to think i didn’t like shakespeare for the longest time…  then again, i didn’t receive very good exposure at the start, having read romeo and juliet and macbeth first.  and i hadn’t seen any of them performed, which was also detrimental.  i still don’t very much care for shakespeare’s tragedies (although i still believe them to be brilliantly written and valuable in lesson and example), but his comedies and romances are wonderful. 

i love theatre… 


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  1. Love the new colors!
    I haven’t had a lot of experience with Shakespear, but we studied a Midsummer Night’s Dream last quarter…
    See you in Texas! (you are going to Worldview this summer, yes?)

  2. I like the comedies the best, also.  Senior year in high school, I got to play Petrucchio in “Taming of the Shrew.”  Best play ever!

  3. courtney – oh midsummer night is a special favorite of mine b/c that was the first play i saw performed, and subsequently the play that caused me to look favorably on shakespeare…  i love puck!    and um, no, i won’t be doing WVA this summer.  i work full time now and i can’t take 8 weeks off.  ::sniff sniff – SOB!::  it’s just killing me, but i know that this is where God has me this summer and that brings much comfort and faith.   
    chris – i have not read/seen taming of the shrew yet!  but after last night i’ve been freshly motivated to watch some of the movies i have (twelfth night, much ado about nothing…) and/or read them.  personally i prefer to see them performed, though…  and i didn’t know you did drama!  much less shakespeare!  cool!

  4. Nice colors.  So springy! 
    So, hey…why are my non-negotiables “amusing”?  I take them very seriously

  5. I forget that those who read my log and are not so familiar with my style of comedic relief are at a loss…
    Explanation offered.  I do not accept applications…  That is why the tone was very sarcastic as well as not including the email.  And, if the email route is pursued…ooops I’m sorry, that is not an account I check ever.  Only junk mail goes there to die and wither away.

  6. well, apparently i was not emulating the epitome of clarity with my sarcasm level either …  i was partially joking myself in my questioning of your application process…  i didn’t REALLY think that you would go that route…  but i had to ask since you wrote it…   

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