alrighty, here is the promised run down on the denver trip…

i arrived in denver around 6ish.  callie picked me up around 6:30ish.  okay, i want to know what genuis decided to build the airport on the OUTSIDE of town?!?!  seriously, the airport is out in the middle of nowhere!  personally, i think that’s stupid, but hey, that’s what you get when you don’t consult me before you build your airport!   

anyway, callie and i swung by her house to drop my stuff off and grab a piece of pizza.  then off to caregroup we went!  (for those of you not familiar with our church stuff, caregroup is like an extended bible study with worship and fellowship in ppl’s homes.  so this was the college age ppl’s caregroup that we went to)  when i walked in, i was reminded once again of how much i love going to denver.  i know quite a few people up there, so i feel so comfortable and at home.  like i’m with family.  it’s so wonderful.  i was provoked and challenged by several of the thing that were shared during the discussion.  and at the end, we broke into groups of 3 or so to pray for each other.  callie prayed for me and reminded me of a particular passage that she thought related to the challenge i had asked for prayer for.  oh, i was so encouraged!  

after caregroup, we hung out awhile fellowshipping with all the peeps.  okay – another random thought: what is it with guys busting on each other about being ugly?  guys are so mean!  i sat and watched this interaction between two of my guy friends in denver that made me want to crack up laughing!  the interaction went something like this:

tim – says something to jordan about being ugly
jordan – “yeah, but you can’t do anything about being ugly.  at least i can put a smile on my face.”
tim – “yeah, but i’m secure in my ugliness.  you still feel like you have to do something to be good-looking.”

i was trying not to laugh as i watched this interaction.  it was utterly hilarious to me for two reasons: 1) guys are just SO different than girls.  girls need constant affirmation that they are attractive.  guys need constant reminders that they are ugly.  weird.  and 2) of ALL people!!  these two guys are both very good looking guys!  like, very good looking!  it was seriously so funny to me….anyway, on with the weekend….

callie and stayed up late talking friday night.  saturday we slept in.  than marybeth came over and she joined callie and i and megan (callie’s younger sister) for a trip to Flatirons – the mall.  we walked around the mall for a bit, then met up with meghan lyman for lunch at red robin.  then we hooked up with a bunch of other people at starbucks.  they were heading out to the mountains.  they invited me to go with them, and while spending time in the denver mountains did really sound fun, i decided to stick with callie and go to her piano recital.  she and marybeth teach piano lessons and they had combined their students for a recital that afternoon.  it was so cute!  they were mostly little tykes, so the whole thing only took like, 45 minutes. 

the weather was really gorgeous out!  it was in the 60s all day on saturday!  i was play-whining to callie about how i wished i had brought a skirt or something to wear to church instead of pants and a sweater, since i thought it was supposed to be cold.  callie was like, “well, why don’t we go shopping and find you a skirt?”  so after the recital i dragged callie to kohls.  i say dragged because she doesn’t like kohls.  but she went for me.  isn’t she a nice friend?  i found a really cute skirt for $9, and a top for $5!  and callie found an ADORABLE skirt too!  and i hadn’t packed any shoes to wear with a skirt, so of COURSE we had to go buy shoes too!  haha!  these are the ones i got.  but i got them in black, not red (sorry holly!).  

saturday  night we just hung out with callie’s family.  rented runaway jury.  great movie!  pay no attention to the reviews, it was a good film! 

brilliant revelation of the weekend: tiredness is 50% mental/psychological.  yep.  if you don’t know exactly how much or how little sleep you did or didn’t get, then it’s easier to not be tired!  seriously!  callie and i pulled two late nights in a row, and come sunday, i hardly felt tired at all.  but i totally should have been.  i knew we didn’t get much sleep, but i also had no idea what time we went to bed, or really what time we got up.  so somehow, it didn’t occur to me that i was tired or not, b/c i wasn’t aware of whether or not i should be.  does that make sense to anyone? 

i went to church early with callie b/c she was on the worship team and had practice.  that was fun too, because a majority of the worship team and sound/set-up crew are college age kids!  it’s really awesome!  out of 9 band members, 6 of them were young people.  only the bass player and two of the singers were “adults”.    and of the sound/set up crew only 1 of the 8 was out of college.  that church really has done an excellent job of raising up it’s young people into positions of leadership.  the pastors of that church have recognized the importance of preparing to be replaced and they have such a vision for the young people in their church.  it’s really great.   the guy who leads worship (tim) is 20 years old!  and the other guy who rotates leading worship with tim (jeremy) is like, 22!  and i knew pretty much everyone there, so it was fun for me to watch and talk and interact with everyone. 

after church a small group of us went out to lunch at panda express.  then we hung out at callie’s house some more.  played cards with megan.  re-learned how to play rummy.  that was fun! 

in the evening, callie’s family had another family (the payne’s) over for dinner.  once a month the shaw family (callie’s fam) and the payne’s get together for what they call “italian cousins”.  those two families go way way back together (like, the parents knew each other before they had kids type of thing).  so they get together once a  month for dinner and a movie or something, just to spend some specific time together, continuing to build their friendship.  so this time i got to join them, which was particularly fun b/c i know the paynes also.  mrs. shaw made this delicious dish of marinated chicken over angel hair pasta topped with sun-dried tomatos and goat cheese.  yum!  i have to get the recipe from her…

after dinner the “kids” (callie,megan, me and josh and bethany payne) cleaned up the kitchen and then played around on the piano until it was time to leave for the airport.  all us younger peeps went to the airport and left the parental units to talk more.   

it was really hard to come home actually.  i just love it in denver, and since i have relationships with so many people up there, i feel like i’m at home.  not that i necessarily belong there, but i just feel very comfortable and i always have a great time.  so when i have to leave, i feel like i’m leaving family.  it’s a little rough, and i was close to tears in the airport (then again, that’s also when the tiredness started kicking in, which may have had something to do with the rising level of emotions…).  then again, whenever the pilot says “welcome to phoenix ladies and gentlemen” as we pull into the gate at good ‘ol sky harbor airport, i always breath a happy sigh.  i do love phoenix.  and coming home is good.  i’m happy to be back. 

but september is looking really good for another trip to denver…         


6 thoughts on “

  1. Dear Andrea,
    Good summary!  Yeah, DIA is out in the middle of nowhere.  There was a big ruckus because noone wanted it near their neighborhood.  Isn’t it a nice airport, though?  Love it.
    Not all guys tell each other they’re ugly – and sometimes guys only do in front of girls – kind of a “keep each other humble” kind of thing.  And like you demonstrated, it generally makes girls laugh.  That’s great. 
    Is that Marybeth who used to live in Greeley?  With red hair?  We used to know a Marybeth – she got married last year.  Long shot, but you never know – she tought piano as well. 
    Good summary – glad you liked CO.  Blessings to you,

  2. I know what you mean about the Denver AP.  I flew in a few times and recall thinking, “what were the designers smoking?” 
    I am glad it sounds you had an excellent time.

  3. sheesh, I like the denver airport. I’ve flown in a out of it plenty of times, and always thought it was cool design…but yeah, way out in the middle of no where. But I mean, c’on, the place is a huge TENT. way cool.

  4. Dear Andrea,
    Tara’s really cool.  She and Kyle are a funny kind of couple – so similar, and so different.  He, as you know, is the master of public speaking – she’s excellent at one on one communication.  He’s the energetic ball of charisma, she’s (while not shy at all) quite a bit more laid back.  I don’t know her as well as I’d like, because they met and got to know each other working together at Penrose Community Hospital in the ER.  But I’ve known her for a few years now. 
    Have a great day, and God bless you,

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