i just bought this ^^ movie!!  it was released on DVD yesterday!  woo-hoo!!  i’m so happy! 

in case you haven’t noticed from the last couple of posts – if not from the general history of my posts, it doesn’t take much to make me happy!  then again, that’s probably because the foundation of my happiness is not rooted in temporal things, but in joy eternal, and thus does not – or at least it should not – fluctuate too drastically from day to day.  and i am free to find pleasure in every little blessing because it is all a gift bestowed with love from my heavenly father. 


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  1. you should come over this weekend to watch your movie (i don’t think luz has seen it yet) and watch it in the really nice sound system at our “home”… (we watched pirates..and could hear the boats behind us…really cool)

  2. that’s sooo true. and that’s something I really need God’s grace at work in my life for….not letting temporary things come before God thus letting my happiness ( or joy) be dictated by my circumstances, which are everchanging, instead of being dictated by God, who is as firmer than a rock.thanks for writing that, it’s encouraging. just to let u know who i am, and how i found ur site: i found it thro the SGM blogring, i found that thro a member of that blog ring who is also a member of the ~Sovereign Grace~ blog ring.(I go to CrossWay Church of Lancaster, and my name is sarah, nice to meet you!)

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