still listening to this ^^.    so much fun!  doot doot doo, dee doot doot doo!

i picked up my pottery piece from As You Wish last night!  it looks so adorable!!  i can’t remember if i had posted about that or not… but last thursday, jenna and i went pottery painting and i painted a “watermelon” bowl.  meaning, i painted a bowl to look like a watermelon, with light green on the outside (with dark green stripes) and red on the inside with black tear-drop spots (the “seeds”).  it turned out so cute!  i’m in love! 

oh and jenna, if you’re reading this, i picked up your piece too and am planning to bring it to caregroup tonight for you…

next time i go to As You Wish (which will probably be next wednesday night), i’m planning on painting a plate, that they turn into a clock!  and i’ve been struck by inspiration!  around the center of the plate, where the hands of the clock are, i’m going to paint the words “there is a time and a season for everything” and then i am either going to divide the plate into four imaginary quadrants and paint each one like each of the seasons (like, blue with white snowflakes for winter, red/brown leaves and orange pumpkins for fall, etc.), OR i’m going to do simpler colors and by each number around the edge of the clock, i’m going to paint/write “a time to _(laugh)_” or whatever, and fill in the blank with the various things from ecclesiastes 3.  although if i do that, i’ll probably leave off the ones like, “a time to die” and “a time to mourn”.  kinda depressing for a fun and pretty pottery item…    anyway, so that’s my idea.  we’ll see how it develops!  ::is excited::


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  1. I can see it now!  A cute little pink painted plate up on the wall with “there is a time to die and a time to mourn” painted around the edges, with a cute little bouquet of flowers in the middle.  So hilarious!

  2. Andrea. You know Brit too? Another TeenPact/Debate/Worldview overlap experience…weird.
    Anyway — thank you for picking up my cup 🙂 I swung by there on Sunday just to see if they had it done before 4 o’clock, but did they? Nope. 😐 Heartless “as you wish” people. 😐 😉
    And “NobodyLikesThe150cc” — Andrea decided that the “unhappy” ‘time tos’ would go on the back of the plate. :p

  3. i’ve been splendiferous.
    i was thinking about you b/c either a) i was looking at a picture of our small group, or b) i was thinking about how i’m not going to worldview this year.:( But good news for me! I found out that I get to go to Nationals (debate) in Virginia, even though I didn’t qualify! and on the way home, I’m going to drop a couple of my friends off at Worldview, so at least I get to visit and see old friends for a couple hours!
    today has been chalk-full of blessings!! (why do we say ‘chalk-full’ anyway….)

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