happy monday everyone!  i hope you all had a splendid weekend!

i got to watch peter pan this weekend!  ::happiness::  i went over to raigan’s after college group and she wanted to watch it since she hadn’t seen it yet.  ::happy sigh::  i really love that movie.  what fun. 

mother’s day was loverly.  i gave my mom a day together.  this saturday we’re going to spend the day together doing whatever she wants.  if we go out or do anything, i’ll buy.  and my brother gave her some cash-ola to spend on our day out.  my mom is not a gift person.  and she is super difficult to buy for.  christmas and birthdays and mothers day with my mom can be rough because she doesn’t want stuff.  there have been years where we have just purchased gifts because you’re supposed to, not necessarily b/c that was what she wanted.  and over the last year i have been revolting against such practices.  i am a stickler for meaningful gifts, not traditional gifts.  i hate “lists” – the making of gift/wish lists and the family just divies up what’s on the list and buys the stuff for the wisher.  i hate it.  we should know each other well enough to know what would be special to that person, and we should be involved enough in each other’s lives to know what the other person would like to receive.  at this season in my life, i don’t get a lot of time with my mom.  and since she doesn’t care about things, i knew it would be more special to her if i gave her a day.  gave her my time.  special time together to do whatever she wants to do.  it was a happy gift. 


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  1. i’m trying hard right now not to cry from disappointment…..you see, I went to TJ Mexico two summers ago and they sent a team of ppl to our church last year….and i have some close friends down there…..however, the reason i’m so disappointed is that I’m almost positive that I will not be coming this year. It’s the right thing, and God’s will…..but it’s still very hard. Especially since I would of had a chance to meet even more brothers and sisters in SG from ur church and our other related church.so. I hope if you go God really works in your time there….and I’ll try very hard not to be jealous. Did ur church go there last year?

  2. i don’t like lists when they become a cop out for thoughtfulness and creativity, allowing people to become lazy… 
    when they keep people organized – they are fabulous!  i still make lists for christmas – but they are lists of ideas i have for what to get other people.  that’s the kind of list i like to keep…

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