my dad told us this story last week at dinner…(my dad’s an elementary school physical education teacher, FYI)

“i was outside teaching one of my classes, and there were some kids playing ball at a house across the street from the school.  the ball they were playing with bounced over the fence and into the neighborhood street on the other side.  a car slowed down and stopped in front of the ball.  the driver was a lady, and out from the passenger seat jumped a little girl.  she picked up the ball and tossed it back over the fence and climbed back into the car.” 

at this point my dad paused.  and then spoke very slowly, with his eyes tightly shut, as if he was picturing the image in his mind again.

“and it was like it was yesterday.  the little girl looked just… like… andrea.  she had little pig tails like andrea used to wear.  and she ran just like my little girl used to run.  my eyes welled up as i remembered when andrea was that small. 

throughout the rest of the day that image would come back into my mind and i would start to tear up.  it was like, ‘whoa.  i better not think about this or i’m going to start crying.'”

yeah, my wedding day is going to be just peachy.   


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  1. oh no no no!  i just meant, my dad is so going to cry at my wedding and it’s going to be horrible b/c if my dad cries, i cry.  it’s just the way it works.  it means the planets are aligned.  dad cries=andrea cries.  and i don’t want to be crying on my wedding day!  ::sigh::

  2. dont worry your wedding will rock, what? its emotional!  weddings are beautiful…i cry….
    anyways cool site. i joined sgm blogring, because, well, i go to a sgm church. *lancaster*  ( i think thats a pretty good reason)  šŸ˜‰  god bless your weekend!! i love them!
    linda anne

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