loving luz~
i had an absolutely delightful weekend!  luz was so very kind to “live” with me at the house i’m house-sitting for, starting friday night through this morning, when she left for texas.  oh, what a wonderful time we had together, everything from swing dancing with friends saturday night to bowling sunday night, to talking about life, seasons, God, boys, and peter pan.    we watched peter pan yesterday afternoon.  and she loved it!  yes!  another one bites the dust!  but it is quite lovely dust to “bite”.  it’s fairy dust.  yes.  fairy dust.    anyway, we had some great talks and encouraged each other and…  ::sigh::  it was just great.  i miss her already and she only left a couple hours ago.  much of it probably has to do with where she is going.  actually, her plane hasn’t even taken off as i write this.  haha.    anyway, i’m ridiculously tired, seeing as we got to bed after midnight 3 nights in a row.  yikes!  oh well.  it was worth it.  luz, i love you so much my friend!    i’ll be praying for you this summer and missing you tons!  this is the perfect place for us to each be, a most wondrous season and i look forward to august, when we can look back and be amazed at all that God did. 

on a different note, somewhat related to the above paragraph…
i have rediscovered the thrill and joy of swing dancing!  oh boy!  i used to swing dance quite a bit in high school.  for about 2-3 years my friends and i did it a lot.  everything from lessons to parties to performances.  it was great.  i loved it so much.  then, after high school it just kind of didn’t happen anymore.  my little circle of friends began to dissipate as we all graduated and started college and spread out and life took over.  the last time i danced was at a wedding last january (’03).  so it’s been nearly a year and a half since i danced.  until last saturday night.  luz and went to a friends house where they were swingin’ away.  wow.  i really had forgotten how much i just love swing dancing.  i mean really love to swing.  i’m so hooked again.  i can’t wait till the next time they all get together to dance – i am so there!  happiness…

“it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!  doo-waht doo-waht doo-wah!”


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  1. Not fair!  I really miss dancing.  I was never really good when it came to swing, just knew some of the basics.  But I love to when I get the chance.  The last time I did was at Disneyland last month with Katie and it was a blast, probably the best part of the whole day.  I’m going to make sure we get to go on a Saturday again so we get to see the swing band and dance some more!
    What’s your favorite song?
    I’ve always loved Glenn Miller stuff… Dorsey brothers stuff is harder to find.  (My grandpa actually played trombone with them when he was a teenager- he played in a band called the Hollywood Canteen kids, and they used to team up with the big names and play in Hollywood at the USO canteens.)

  2. i love “in the mood” (of course), “sing sing sing” and “flat foot floogee” (because it’s a slower song and it’s great for doing the lindy-hop). 
    that is SO cool about your grandpa!  he actually played at the USO canteens?!?  That is awesome!!   

  3. Oh, and I love Sing Sing Sing too!  We got to dance to that on our Disneyland night.  Our school’s marching band plays a really awesome version of it.  (Sorry to spam your blog with comments here!)

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