CHECK IT OUT!  look at my brother’s graduation present!!!

a 15GB ipod! 

woo-hoo!!  and a carrying case.  and an FM transmitter (in honor of thomas ).  so he can take it wherever he goes and listen to music wherever he’s at.  plus store all sorts of notes and dayplanner stuff and contacts, etc.  all in a 5.6oz little machine smaller than an ace of spades!  unbelieveable.  technology never ceases to amaze me.  you know, you see all this cool stuff on movies and think “yeah, if only that were real.”  i’m growing more convinced that it is all real, it’s just not on the mainstream market so we don’t know about it.  wowser.   

and no, i didn’t pay for all of it.  my parents and i are going in together for it.  i’m so excited!  my brother’s going to flip! 

oh and the people at the apple store put all my purchases in this drawstring backpack thingy and now i am completely inspired to make one of my own!  it’s so simple!  i can’t wait.  maybe i’ll do that on monday… 


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