summer days
what a delightful weekend i had.  stayed up way too late, way too many times.  friday night was our statewide homeschool graduation, in which my handsome and studly younger (but taller) brother Ryan graduated from high school!  that was very exciting.  and weird.  my mom is officially done home schooling her children.  my parents have two college age kids.  both still living at home, thankfully.  but still.  it’s weird to me even, to think about how our family is now.  it’s all good, though.  and now my mom and i get to transform our old “school room” into a craft room so we can make cards and projects and scrapbooking stuff whenever we want without having to worry about unpacking all the stuff and packing it all back up again when we’re done!  that will be just peachy. 

after the graduation i spent the night with ashley, since she was housesitting for a family in our church.  huge house.  beautiful house.  and a golden retriever puppy.  fun times. 

saturday i did… stuff… can’t remember exactly.  oh!  i finally got to talk with nic!  we’d been trying to connect for several weeks now and he called me saturday morning!  that was great.  it was wonderful to talk to him.  saturday  night we went to my cousin michael’s open house for his graduation. 

sunday we had church – jolly good as always.  i must say, we have the coolest pastor ever.  sunday afternoon i got ready for the evening – which was definitely a highlight of the weekend!  our college group got together for “picnic and a movie”.  we were at the lassiter’s house – a family in our church who love hosting us college folks at their house.  they have a huge backyard.  we put down blankets in the grassy volleyball court and had a picnic, then we watched The Sandlot, projected onto a big screen outside!  it was SO fun!!  that’s a great movie.  one of my family’s favorites.  we had an intermission during the movie and stopped to eat homemade ice cream!  that was my project.  i was in charge of the ice cream.  we used those old fashioned bucket type makers.  well, they were semi-old-fashioned.  they were electric.  anyway, we made the ice cream from scratch and it turned out wonderfully!  vanilla, oreo, and peach.  YUM!!!  after the movie we hung out and played volleyball – one of my favorite sports.  but i really don’t like playing it after the teams grow past 5 people or so.  it’s not very fun after that…  bethany spent the night with me after the party.  we got up monday morning and walked to starbucks and einstein’s for breakfast.  then i got this great idea of making a drawstring purse/backpack thingy modeled after the plastic bag i was given when i bought ryan’s ipod at the apple store.  so my mom and i worked on that most of the day until we went to the richardsons for dinner.  we watched Miracle.  that’s another good film.  very atypical of sports films. 

so that was my weekend in a nutshell.  now, back to reality and work. 

oh, i found out yesterday that two of my friends in denver are courting!  woo-hoo!!  it’s SO cute too because these two have known each other like, since they were born.  i asked the girl how long she’s been interested in the guy and she said only since last august.  and when i asked her how long the guy had liked her, he said (through her – we were on the phone) “oh my whole life.  i just didn’t realize it until like, 6 months ago.”  isn’t that adorable?!  i was totally shocked when i found out.  excited, but shocked.  i just never would have put them together – i think, because they grew up together and are practically like siblings.  so it’s a little wierd to think about, but i’m definitely excited for them!


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  1. Homemade ice cream?? I missed homemade icecream??
    Andrea, you are my new best friend. I’m at your service. Whatever you want, however I can serve you…. <Grin>
    Glad you had a good weekend–hope the jump back to reality wasn’t too bad.

  2. Glad you had a good weekend!  My sister said she saw you on Friday night.  I wish I could have been there for that instead of just getting into Phoenix on Saturday.  They told me there were a LOT of people I know that graduated.
    You always describe your college group doing cool stuff!  That’s awesome.  Mine at ‘SC is a good one too, but now that it’s done for the summer I’ve got to find something else for the next couple months.  It must be good to have a group like that that you can depend on.

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