hmm.  been awhile.  i should probably post. 

any of you ever read the above book?  i’m a little ways into it and very curious as to what is going to happen…  it’s not a gripper, but it’s very intriguing…

had another splendid weekend.  kept busy with errands and church stuff. 

i think one of my highlights was going out with janelle and a new girl at our church – caitlin – who is out here from new jersey for an internship with ASU for the summer.  we got cold stone ice cream and then went to the playground at the elementary school near my house and swung on the swings.  wow.  what a wonderful activity!  it was nighttime and between the night lights from the school and the warm glow of the low sitting moon that night, it was perfect.  there is just something so dreamy about swinging in the cool darkness of early nighttime.  i felt like i should be discussing hopes and dreams as i glided back and forth.  then we sat in front of the swings and chatted as we sifted the sand with our feet and fingers.  it’s good to get dirty like that every now and then. 

college group friday night was provoking and interesting.  i just love the way Rich (our pastor) leads the college group meeting discussions.  we just dig into scripture and ask questions and kick around ideas and simply search God’s word.  and as i yearn for illumination and perception, God is always faithful to meet me/us every time.  good stuff. 

sunday night ashley came over and we watched Cheaper By The Dozen together (she’d never seen it) while she painted her toenails and i made beaded bobby pins.  that movie has some really great messages about family, and marriage, choices, and what’s truly important.  we both really enjoyed it.  then, when i thought i was going to be getting to bed at a decent hour (10pm), my mom and i started talking about… “life, love, and other mysteries”…  i love moms.  i love talking with my mom.  she’s the best mom for me.  what amazing sovereignty was displayed when God gave me to her as her daughter.  he definitely knew what he was doing!  yeah, so i climbed into bed right before the clock hit the 12s…  but it was totally worth it! 


5 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Thomas, how are you doing??? Survive finals ok?
    Anyway, A, darling, I SO AGREE WITH YOU!!! Mom’s are the BEST!!! I mean, she can also irriate me like no other human being on this planet–but she’s so full of wisdom and encouragement…
    Yay swings.

  2. Dear Andrea,
    Um, I’d encourage you to see the TV version if you want to see it at all – I almost turned it off multiple times.  Tons of language had been edited out, and I heard that scenes with nudity were edited out as well.  I’m sure they’ll be playing it on AMC again soon.
    80s teen movies are so incredible – they address some really serious issues, and also show just how self-centered Americans were/ are. 
    Have a good day!

  3. Dear Andrea,
    Whatever you decide.  I had looked forward to seeing it for years, but I’m really glad to have seen the TV version.  Anthony Michael Hall is so incredibly funny – can you believe that he turned down a role in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

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