i am becoming quite proficient in “mousing” with my left hand.  i had been having this weird tingly-numbness between the 1st two knuckles on my right index finger, and my mom said it could be the early stages of carpul tunnels or something and that the nerves in my wrist are being pinched.  so i have begun a new typing style – lift your wrists!  haha.  it isn’t that difficult, since it’s nearly identical to the position i was trained to play the piano with…  but it was more challenging to use my mouse with a high wrist, and not be able to rest my wrist on the mousepad.  then, i was reaching for something under the car yesterday and twisted my arm a little too far in the wrong direction and some nerve in my right shoulder spazzed and tensed for the rest of the afternoon.  ouch.  that didn’t feel so good.  so, to make things easier all around, i just switched my mouse to the left side of the keyboard and have started using my left hand.  it’s not the easiest thing ever, and i’m definitely “mousing” considerably slower, but it’s actually really good!  i’m getting better, it’s saving both my wrists, and it’s causing me to slow down a bit and be patient.  haha!  lessons from your computer mouse by andrea lambros. 

in other news…  not a whole lot going on down here…  can’t wait for the weekend.  got tons of stuff to work on and get done – all fun stuff, though!  cooking and baking and sewing and cleaning and stuff.  tonight i’m meeting with janelle for our bible study/Knowing God time.  we haven’t done that in awhile, so i’m definitely looking forward to it.  and friday night i’m sleeping over with raigan ’cause she’s bbsitting the shapiro kids all weekend.  we’re going to try and catch up on some more alias…

seize the day!


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  1. Ooh, boy, let me tell you, carpal tunnel is no fun!  I had it TERRIBLE this past year at one point because of using the computer too much and having my arms at a bad angle.  Then I raised my chair a bit and moved the keyboard over and the angle was better and everything was ok.  Glad you’re feeling better!

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