yesterday i went up to flagstaff with a group from my church that is going to worldview academy this week.  it was so much fun!  the staff didn’t know i was going to come up and see them, so it was such a blast to show up and surprise them all.  i didn’t get to stay for very long – only 45 minutes or so – but it was enough (plus, it’s opening day, so i didn’t want to be around a whole lot and distract the staff from their students, you know?).  but man, i miss those friends.  jana, jessi, holly, courtney, nic, jeremy, jireh…  i think the looks on jessi and nic’s faces made my evening.  it was so great.  ::happy/sad sigh::  it’s been a little tough so far.  i mean, after being involved with wva as a staff or a student for the last 6 summers, it’s kinda rough to not be back this summer.  i love camp so much.  but i know that i am exactly where God wants me right now, and i wouldn’t trade that for anything.  and i’m still not totally convinced that the season of working with wva is completely over for me.  maybe next year…   

oh, i saw valley youth theatre’s production of Annie last saturday night!  it was delighful!  what a great play!  i love the theatre – especially musicals.  oliver! and guys & dolls are probably my favorites…


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  1. hey Andrea, this is Jessica Morris, you had me in your WVA small group at Baylor last year…’s it goin’? I did go back to WV this last week and Jessi was one of my small group leaders! Have an awesome summer!

  2. hey, Andrea!  We love you!  (and we love your care packages, but we love you independently of those as well )
    Hey, Jessi M.!  glad to see you on this thing!

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