i feel like i’m still recovering from the weekend.  it was busy and tiring and wonderful!  friday night we had a luau for college group.  that was fun!  just hung out, played a few games, fellowshipped, etc.  got to bed late. 

saturday was “tijuana saturday”.  our youth group is going to tijuana, mexico july 20-25 for a mission trip (we call it an evangelism team, or an e-team) to serve our sister church in TJ, as well as to evangelize to the community down there.  anyway, in order to prepare for that, we had “tijuana saturday”.  basically everyone who is going to TJ came (to the church) and we played games, got to know each other, had worship (in english as well as in spanish), learned spanish evangelism phrases, built a stronger sense of team-ness, prayed for the trip and all involved, as well as the TJ church.  what was especially neat about the whole thing, was that the two pastors of the TJ church, along with 8 of the young men/youth from that church drove up friday night and came to Tijuana Saturday too.  so the entire day, there was constant translating between english and spanish, as well as having fun with and getting to know our mexican brothers.  my family got to have the two pastors and two of the guys stay at our house.  well, i actually slept over at  matt and becky’s since our house was kinda full…  but i came home for breakfast!   

saturday night my brother went and saw The Terminal.  said it was okay.  not fabulous, but alright.  my dad and mom and i watched The Last Samurai.  decent film.  i think it could have used a little more plot and a little less violence.  not that it had no plot.  it did.  i just think it could have had more.  by the end of the film my mom was calling it a “stab-a-rama”.  it was pretty violent.  but i enjoyed the transformation nathan went through as his perspective of war changed, and i liked that they didn’t sexualize his relationship with the woman who cared for him.  that was quite refreshing. 

sunday was father’s day!  hooray!  well, my dad’s ice cream bowl wasn’t ready in time, so i get to give it to him today instead.  i hope it turned out nicely.  i still haven’t seen it!  anyway, we had lunch at in-n-out burger, took naps in the afternoon, went to my brother’s bball game, went and saw Around the World in 80 Days, then went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (oh YUM!).  80Days wasn’t bad.  it was very clean, had some pretty funny parts (the guest appearance of “the wright brothers” was the best!), but also had a lot of cheese and predictability.  and no outtakes!  c’mon people!  every jackie chan movie has outtakes!  what’s wrong with you?!  anyway, i’d say it was a 1-timer.  meaning, i probably won’t see it again.  but it was a total blast to spend the whole day together as a family.  as usual, we laughed a TON (thanks to my hilarious brother) and had a great time being together.  i love that. 

more randomness…

– the wrist pain is gone, praise God!  i’m still left-handing the mouse, and i’ll probably stick with that for awhile.  i’ve gotten quite comfortable with it, and it’s kind of a fun change. 

– i’m losing weight without even trying.  what gives?  well, i guess i’m sorta trying, in the sense that i’ve been eating better and eating less, and drinking lots of water, but i haven’t exercised in like 2 1/2 weeks!  whatever…   

– going to see HP3 on tuesday with raigan!  ::is excited::

alrighty, that’s all for now…


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  1. I liked it too! Have a great time. TJ is an interesting place. I live about 45 minutes North of TJ (North of San Diego).
    I recommend that you only give food to the little kids that approach you for money. They are usually corralled by an adult at the end of the day and they get none of the money they collect…only a bit of food. Very sad. The money mostly goes to the ring leader.

  2. I’m losing weight too!  But mostly because this past week in Chicago, I rode a bike 20 miles a day or more, and then after that would walk another 6 or so going to get dinner/shopping etc.  It’s fun!  Keep eating well though and exercising.  I lost a lot of weight one year by just simply not eating much.  The tradeoff though was that my energy level went down the tubes, and that’s no good.
    As for the Tijuana comment on dealing with the kids… the tradeoff is that if the little kid doesn’t bring home enough money, he gets the crud kicked out of him.  Of course the best thing to do would be to ask him who his boss is and tell him where he can get help and get away… but otherwise, food is better than nothing.  I’ve changed my philosophy about how to deal with stuff like this lately… I’m gonna post about that in my Xanga in a bit when I post about Chicago.
    Have a good day, Andrea, and a good rest of the week!

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