funny how family things change as you get older…  not necessarily for better or worse, but for the reverse.  i remember a time when 8:30pm rolled around and it was time for bed.  my parents tucked us in and we prayed.  often my mom would sing to me and my brother while tickling our face, or our arm, or our back.  then as i would lie there falling asleep, i could hear my parents moving around “out there” – in the kitchen, the family room, etc. with many lights still on. 

fast forward about 8-10 years.  now, my parents come and kiss us goodnight as they head off to bed around 10ish, and my brother and i stay up to finish the movie, or do homework, or read for a little longer.  or sometimes my parents go to bed with the phone next to them so they can reach it when we call to let them know we’re on our way home.  now, as i fall asleep, if there are noises “out there,” it is usually my younger brother still up working on stuff.  and their are few lights on. 

like i said, it’s not better or worse than it used to be.  it’s just…reversed almost.  different.  part of growing up i suppose. 

::abrupt subject change::

we watched The Italian Job last night.  my bro and dad had already seen it, but i hadn’t.  wow.  what a great movie!  i LOVE heist movies!  just love ’em!  Ocean’s 11, Entrapment, Sneakers – yes!  love those.  so this was no exception!  but it was even better because it was really clean!  well, at least to me it was.  there was a little bit of violence, but all on “the bad guy”‘s side.  and some language.  that’s probably where it got it’s PG13 rating.  what i really liked about it – besides that it was a really cool heist movie – was that the guy who planned and executed the two heists, did it completely without using any weapons.  it was all skill and timing and cool chases.  no guns.  no violence.  and, while there is not necessarily any romance in the movie, there is major chemistry going on.  and of course it ends exactly how you want it to (on the relational level) without so much as even a kiss.  nope.  not a one.  that was quite refreshing.  so, yeah, i would definitely recommend The Italian Job for those who like heist movies.  it was great!  oh, and does anyone else think mark wahlberg looks a lot like matt damon?  seriously, they look like they could be brothers to me… 

oh and i just found out that The Italian Job was a remake of an older movie.  i didn’t know that!  has anyone see the old version?  is it any good?     

PS – rai and i went and saw HP3 on tuesday night.  i totally liked it!  it was really good!  the whole time travel thing was bloody brilliant!  those kids are so cute!  and cool!  i wanna hang out with them…

“Does my hair really look like that from the back?” – Hermione, HP3 


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  1. I’ve rented that movie twice…and both times I ended up not being able to watch it! Perhaps I’m feeling inspired to give it another whirl…havn’t seen the old one either.
    Aww I bet you look cute today! I like your picture.
    BTW what was in the box? was it a Cabbage Patch doll?…um…sorry…before your time?

  2. oh, GO RENT IT!  seriously!  it’s really good.  but i’m a bit partial… 
    um… it was a set of drinking glasses.  i was at a housewarming party for some girl friends who just got a townhouse together.
    and yes, i know what a cabbage patch doll is!!  :pout:  i may look very young, but i happen to be fully twenty-one (21).  before my time… 

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