wow.  it’s been a long day.  work was crazy busy.  i could have worked straight through my lunch break, but i went home for lunch instead.  i’m not a workaholic, not even close, but there are days when i can just go go go.  there’s so much to be done.  and it’s friday, so there are some things that HAVE to get done today.  whew.  i was working very diligently and desperately staving off the thought of “i’m stressed.”  when i’m “stressed” i am not trusting God and his plan for my day.  i am holding too tightly to what i think i have to get done, and not resting in the knowledge that i will accomplish all that He has set up for me to accomplish today.  and sure enough, he always provides just the right amount of time – whether or not i feel or see it! 

but now, work is over (except i’m waiting for the bulletin to finish running).  fun times tonight!  i’m going to As You Wish to paint pottery again!  yeah, yeah, i know some of you are thinking “you know andrea, they have counseling for that sort of thing” because i go pottery painting slightly more often than the average red-headed andrea.    but our youth group is having a summer fun night, where the girls and moms are going to As You Wish and the boys and dads are playing whiffle ball and watching the diamonback’s game projected onto the big screen.  then the girls are joining the guys for worship and ice cream.  great combo, i must say.  anyway, my dad (who’s the youth director) asked if i would forego attending the college group meeting tonight to help out the youth since i have experience at As You Wish.  tough choice.  it really was.  i was very excited about college group, as i ususally am.  but i decided to go paint pottery.  i have no idea what i’m going to paint, though… oh well!  we’ll decide when we get there (that’s “we” as in, me and my imaginary friend).

my teeth hurt.  or rather, my gums hurt.  okay, so call me a nerd, but i’ve started flossing my teeth regularly and it’s making my mouth sore.  i need some ice cream….

hoorayfulness for the americana 50s sock hop party i’m going to sunday night!  yayay!  hopefully there will be some swing dancing!   

alrighty, happy 4th of july weekend y’all!! 


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