Oo, have i really not posted since Friday?  yikes.  um, had a great weekend.  yeah.  fun.  never saw fireworks, and ended up not going to the sock hop, but it was still a good weekend and i wasn’t disappointed at all. 

yesterday was my dad’s 45th birthday!  but he really doesn’t look a day older than 37…  anyway, we rented Secondhand Lions.  we hadn’t seen it before.  it was a decent film.  i didn’t think the plot/story wasn’t very fabulously developed, but it was a really cute story and very clean, which is always nice.  i was actually struck by the emphasis made on the importance of a man in a boy’s life.  they never really spelled it out, but i thought it was made pretty clear that a boy needs a man (really, a father, but if there isn’t one around, another father-figure is still important) to make him a man.  and only a man can make a boy a man.  now, that’s not to minimize the role of a mother in a son’s life – she is vastly important as well, and i’m also not saying that boys who are raised by mother’s only can’t turn out great, but i believe the faact still remains that there is something absolutely invaluable about a father/man’s role in the raising of boys. 

there was also a bit of other hogwash in the movie about believing what you want whether or not it is true, but that was ingnorable.    (is that a word?)

something i’ve been pondering/learning lately.  i think that:

contentment is not the absence of wants.  but the absence of wants in order to produce happiness.  restated – being content doesn’t mean that you don’t want anything, it means that you don’t want, nor need, anything to make you happy. 

i was asking myself a week or two ago if i was content.  and at first i felt as if i wasn’t because there are still things i would like to have in my life.  but as i pondered further, i realized that there will always be things that i would like to have.  the question is, how badly do i want them?  more than i desire my savior?  do i want them so badly that i am unhappy with what God has so richly provided me with? 

using myself as an example – there are several things i would like.  i would like to be married, i would like to have children, i would like to have more free time to cook, make cards, spend with friends, serve in the church…  i would like to have more money to spend on various things and people.  but in the absence of these things, i can honestly say that i am perfectly happy.  i really am.  if i never had any of those things, i would still be happy.  because happiness is not determined by circumstances or possessions.  it is pinned and fixed on something eternal and untouchable. 

so perhaps when attempting to answer the question: Am i content?, one should then ask the question: is He enough?  if you can honestly answer ‘yes’ to the second question, then ‘yes’ is the answer to the first question.   

“Whom have i in heaven but you?  and there is nothing on earth that i desire besides you.  My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.  But for me it is good to be near God; i have made the Lord God my refuge…”  ~Psalm 73:25-26, 28a


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  1. Good thoughts on happiness and contentment.
    Regarding the man/father figure for a boy…it is very true. The influence a father has on his son goes beyond words. It really influences how a boy interacts with the world for the rest of his life. I hope and pray to be there for my son if the Lord should be pleased to grant me one in the future. (I also hope to have girls too!)

  2. Such a good reminder! He is certaintly MORE than enough. “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.”
    I am still looking forward to meeting you some time soon šŸ™‚

  3. so the whole staff (almost all of them) have it in for me now b/c i shot them mercilessly with water guns.    thanks!!!  ANDREA LAMBROS ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF!!!!!

  4. B – thanks! 
    Janet – i know!  i totally got distracted at church with various things and didn’t come find you!  i’m so sorry!!  are you free thursday (tomorrow) night?  maybe we can get together…  i’ll try and remember to call you…
    Holly – woo-hoo!!  so it arrived in good form!  hooray!  hahahahahahaha!!!  i’m glad they were put to good use and affected the entire staff!  ROTFL! 

  5. See, I always looked at it a different way.
    I’m never going to be “always happy” for any stretch of time.  There’s going to be stuff, no matter what, that’s going to get to me!
    I think contentment has to do much more with being joyful.  Joy is something that sticks, even when you’re upset, even when you’re mad, even when you’re frustrated- it’s what you fall back on, and it’s deeper than pure emotions.
    Those people I know that I think of as “content” are people that I know are full of God’s joy- they’re the people who are “content” even when bad things happen to them- they may have anger or sadness but they know that all is right and that God is in control.
    Does that make any sense?  I don’t know, just what I’ve always thought.

  6. Dear Andrea,
    Thanks for sharing some of your feelings – for God to be enough is a wonderful thing.  What you said seems to be the exact opposite of Buddhism (and “real” Epicurianism) – relieving suffering through the death of desire.  Isn’t it cool that God doesn’t work that way, though?  We aren’t commanded to kill our nerves, but to offer them to our Lord to do with what He will. 
    Praying that God strengthens you to continue giving yourself wholly to Him,

  7. Beautiful post, A… Those verses are so…true. It seems so obvious to put it in writing–but how often do I let my life distract me from those precious words?
    Truly, there is nothing I desire more…
    Check your email. Or, if you have my number, call me?

  8. sls – yes!  next week we have training every single night!  it’s going to be great! 
    chris – i totally agree with you.  and in this particular post, i was using the word “happiness” and meaning “joy” in the way that you mean it.  so i totally agree with you. 
    thomas – thanks!
    missy – check your v-mail.  why did he have to choose THIS weekend!?  ::sigh::  well, i’m not crushed or anything, b/c i’m very excited to watch the mackay girls friday and saturday.  i love them so much! 

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