whew!  i had quite a full weekend!  but it was grand fun!    i got to watch 4 girls from Friday evening to Sunday morning.  “my” 4 little girls.  they are 11, 9, 7, and 5 years old.  i used to bbsit for them ALL the time!  in fact, the first time i went over to bbsit, there were only two girls, and they were 4 and 2 years old.  crazy.  anyway, so their parents went out of town this weekend and they came over to hang with me!  yay!  we had a great time!  friday evening we went had dinner, went to the local school park, and watched Peter Pan (the new one of course).  we dragged two mattresses out into the family room and i slept on those with kiley (11) and noah (5), while brynn (9) and drew (7) slept on the couches.  saturday morning we made pancakes for breakfast, went up to michaels and found some fun wooden boxes and pictures frames and stuff and brought them home and painted them.  after lunch i took them to the local pool and we spent about 2 hours swimming and going down the slide and flying off the diving board.  then we had popsicles at home, showered, relaxed a bit, then headed off to taco bell and the movies!  we killed a little time in the mall, and stopped to use one of those photo booths!  i’d never done one before.  those things are much smaller than they appear.  we had quite a time of it fitting 5 girls into the seat, let alone into the picture!  anyway, then we saw Ella Enchanted.  from my perspective it was quite cheesy and lame and definitely a kid’s movie.  from their perspective, it was cute and funny.  so they enjoyed it, and i enjoyed being with them.  i drove their mini van the whole time and chuckled everytime i got in.  i seriously must have looked mormon, 4 blond kids, young mom, driving the minivan.  haha!  i had to give the girls up to their aunt and uncle on sunday at church b/c i have to work on monday.  i love those girls so so so much!  i just look at them and i could start crying, i love them so much.  and as we were driving home from the pool, i was thinking of how excited i am to have kids of my own and to do all sorts of wonderful things with them!  and if i love those 4 little girls as much as i do, how much more will i love my own kids!  what a thrilling thought!  i can’t wait…  i tasted being mom for a weekend, and i absolutely loved it!

sunday after church i went to lunch with missy and brad.  that was quite fun, even despite the fact that brad now thinks i’m “a whackjob”.  oh well, what can i say?  he bought lunch and it was enjoyable conversation, so i won’t complain. 

sunday evening i went to a bday party for a friend and had a lovely time chatting with janet.  turns out, she knows a lot of the ppl i know from CLC!  i totally had a great time!

and then reality hit once again monday morning.   

last night my mom and i were watching reruns of martha stewart that my mom had recorded.  man, that woman (martha) is way too easy and fun to mock!  it’s hilarious!  now, before i go any further, let me clarify that i do enjoy her show and i really like a lot of the stuff she makes.  there are some great ideas and recipes, etc. on that show.  but it is way too much fun to make fun of the things she does and says!  like, she pulls things out of the oven and says, “and look.  it’s just perfect.”  and you’re like duh!  of COURSE it’s just perfect!  it’s television, and it’s martha stewart!  it wouldn’t be on there if it wasn’t!  or, all her high faluting specialty kitchen equipment and top of the line ingredients.  haha!  it’s like “we only use the best ingredients purchased for 200 times it’s normal price because we got it from a remote farm in switzerland.  but you peons can get it at your local grocer and it still might work if you’re lucky and do everything else precisely right.  but it still won’t be as perfect as mine, and don’t you dare call it ‘a good thing’.”  my mom and i got the horrible giggles watching it.  for some reason this time everything she said hit us so comically.  anyway…

we have training every day from today through saturday for the mission trip to Tijuana, MX!  things are really coming together and it’s getting really exciting!   


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  1. I would have to agree with you on the McKay girls, they are so cute and sweet, Noah was in my Lord’s Lambs class for the first time on Sunday and she was just so adorable . . . I am quite jealous of your fun weekend with them ;0)

  2. Just remember that its a lot easier at times to love kids that you know you are giving back to their parents in a little while! hehe
    I can  picture you being a very dedicated, affectionate mother…to like…12 children! Wouldn’t that be funny….Seriously though, I bet you’d be a great mom. and here is why I think that…you are level headed and resourceful. That’s half the battle right there!
    The one thing that I can see you struggling with though is…order. You like to have things planned out and orderly…ain’t gonna happen with kids! Mayhem and chaos will spontaneously break out…often. But you’ll be ok bc you have a level head and you are resourceful…those things will make up for it. Plus, you’ll love those little buggers…that’s the other half of the battle.
    So, to conclude, I believe that being a successful parent is made up of 3 elements. 1.)Love, love, love (50%). 2.) Level Headedness (25%). 3.)Resourcefullness (25%). It seems that you have all three…therefore, you’d be a good mom.
    I think that my intelligence network is pretty good so far. Its not perfect but it gets the job done adequately.

  3. Dear Andrea,
    It’s from The Importance of Being Earnest.  You can read the whole monologue here.  🙂
    By the way, thank you for sharing your thoughts about motherhood – it’s so encouraging to hear a lday be that excited about it.

  4. I have fully come to grasp the meaning of a “bad face day.” I think that today def falls under that catergory. I hope your week is going well! It was so great to finally chat on Sunday. 🙂

  5. Howdy Andrea…
    That’s really, really cool, the way you seem to have had such a blast taking care of the kids!  I love doing stuff like that too.  I guess I’m pretty easy-going with them and can keep them occupied.  The only ones that are tough for me to handle are a group of A.) all little girls, because of how hyperactive they get, and B.) all little boys for the same reason!  When you mix them all together thought they all mellow out, even if it’s more kids all told.  Or at least it seems to work that way in my opinion.
    But it’s great to see how excited you were about it, it really is.
    It’s also one of those weird “attractive” things for guys, too!  Girls ought to quit bothering with spending hours on makeup and high fashion, and should just connivingly let guys see them take care of kids. 🙂
    No, really, it’s a major “turn-on,” but not in a bad way!  Every fellow guy I’ve mentioned it too says he feels the same way.  Seeing a girl take care of kids is just about one of the most “attractive” things she could possibly do.  It’s pretty cool how God has hotwired that into our instinct, I think!
    Anyway, this was a really cool post to read, so kudos, and I’ll pray your trip will be a blessed experience!

  6. thanks everyone, for your encouragements!! 
    Brad – your intelligence network is doing quite good!   
    Thomas – funny, i really like that play, but i totally don’t remember that line.  wierd. 
    Janet – now you understand what i was talking about!  yay!  we’re bonding, i just know it! 
    Chris – your comments are always so nice.  thanks, bro!  you know what’s weird?  is that it is SO attractive to girls (at least the girls i’ve talked to) when they see a GUY who is good with kids.  it is so stinkin’ cute!  but i never knew that guys liked that in girls.  i wondered, but i often doubted if that was attractive at all because it seems so natural in girls (maternal instincts appearing before maternity is not uncommon in girls, you know?).  i thought that it was attractive in guys b/c it isn’t quite as natural.  i’m happy to see it works both ways.  perhaps God designed men and women that way as part of designing the family. thanks for the insight! 

  7. A–I lovelovelove Mara!!! What a freaking AWESOME BOOK!!!!
    And I’m still in shock about what learned from you at lunch on Sunday. *gasps*

  8. missy – what was so shocking?  i don’t remember what you are referring to, although i’m sure it happened… 
    thomas – haha!  yes, i’ve heard that looks… “help.”    hey, God didn’t wire guys to be visual for no reason!   

  9. you guys have Training? wow, organization. We only got together twice before we went down to TJ in 2002.I guess you’re there now. Have a wonderful experience in the Lord!

  10. Hello Andrea!  I just had to come and say, “You are awesome!”  You have been so faithful to send us care-packages filled with incredible delights!!  Actually, we’re still blowing those whistles from the OR package – Janise (staff) lost hers and treasured it so much that she did an interpretive dance rendition of “Colors of the Wind” to get it back.  So you see, we have felt quite cared for and encouraged thanks to our dear Andrea. 
    props to you!  love ya! 

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