I’M GONNA BE AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



well, sort of.  no, my brother is not having a baby.  my cousin rebekah is pregnant!!!  aaaahhhh!!!  ::shrieking::  i’m so excited!!!


8 thoughts on “

  1. WOW, that is awesome I am so excited for them, whats going to be funny is I can now tease Joneen and Greg on their new status as . . .  dun dun dun : grandparents! but really what a blessing this is going to be for them, Becky is sooooo good with children, she is going to be a GREAT mom and Matt a great dad too :0)

  2. Very cool!!!…..it just so happens that I can say, “copy that” myself…..found out yesterday that my cousin is gonna have her first one!!……we can celebrate!!

  3. Hooo boy.  After reading that first line I sure jumped to conclusions.
    “HOLY COW!  Didn’t her brother just graduate from… oh… wait… never mind.”

  4. Congrats, I don’t actually know you except that I have been reading your xanga for a while now, ever since I linked to it from Mr. Martin’s xanga.  Anyways, cool for you, it is a fun position to be in, I’ve been an uncle twice now and it is sooo cool. Anyways, take care, God bless and congrats again.

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