wow.  i had a really fun weekend!  friday night was college group, which is always great.  although at first i was really having a hard time relating to the discussion.  it’s too complicated and not necessary to go into detail, but suffice it to say that as the discussion progressed, it got better and i was very encouraged.  we had a great time of prayer at the end too, during which, another amazing benefit to corporate prayer struck me – praying in a group is so helpful because it allows my heart to be expressed through another person’s words.  while another person was praying, my heart immediately jumped at their words, thinking, “yes!  i agree!  i just couldn’t quite express it!”  not that that should ever be an excuse to not pray (lack of ability to adequately express oneself), but it is very helpful at times, to rejoice in other ppl’s prayers and words and agree with them in spirit.   

afterwards we went out to cold stone creamery for ice cream.  okay, can someone who has worked in the restaurant industry before please explain this to me?  we walked in to cold stone at like 10:40.  they close at 11.  we knew that and we were totally planning to get our ice cream and leave.  like, 5 minutes after i walked in, some more of our group walked in and the employees were like, “no you can’t come in.  we’re closed.”  (they let them in when we told them they were part of our group)  and then they were all grumpy and mad at us for being there.  so i was wondering, what’s the big deal?  we were there during normal hours of operation, they weren’t closed yet, and we were bringing them a good chunk of business – why were they upset?  did they want to go home that badly?  i’ve never worked that kind of a job before, so i couldn’t understand where they were coming from…

well, we all had to say goodbye to caitlin that night as she was leaving the next morning to go back to NJ.  she was out here for the summer for an internship at ASU and some of us got to know her and spent time with her.  that was sad to say goodbye…

saturday morning some of us single/college-age folks went and painted the shank’s new house.  or rather, we painted the inside bedrooms.  the main areas and outside were already done.  what fun!  i LOVE painting!!  it’s a crafty project that comes with instant gratification and doesn’t take TOO much concentration.  and i got to paint most of the day with luz!  together we tackled the master bedroom.  it was jolly good fun!  luz hung out with me that afternoon too – we watched Emma and went to the youth meeting. 

Sunday after church i drove down with a friend to Tucson for my cousin nicole’s 23rd bday.  nicole actually lives up here, but her family is in tucson and she went down there for the weekend.  so we went down to celebrate with her.  we made chinese food for dinner and ate and fellowshipped and honored nicole.  kristin (the friend i drove down with) and i got nicole two angel fish and an aquarium and stuff for her classroom (nicole’s a high school math teacher).  she just loved them!  they were immediately named pythagorus and isocoles (sp?).  after dinner i drove back to phoenix by myself b/c kristin was staying the night.  well, i caravaned with matt and becky (my other cousin and her husband).  at first i was really concerned about being drowsy on the drive.  i knew i was tired, and i was scared of driving an hour and a half home in that state.  but once we got going and i had turned on my music, all was grande.  and we made great time home. 

this morning i woke up and i honestly thought it was sunday.  i kept hitting my snooze button thinking that i didn’t have to be at church until like 8:30 or 9, to run the power point.  then around 7am i realized that today was monday and that i needed to get up and go to work!  that’s such a wierd feeling, when you honestly think it’s another day or time or place.  weird with a beard.

i really feel like watching The Italian Job tonight…  maybe i will…  although i probably should do my budget…

i’m making sweet ‘n sour meatballs for dinner!  one of my favorite meals!  yum! 


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  1. I just wanted to comment on your first paragraph, on corporate prayer . . . I totally agree with you on our hearts can be expressed through another person’s words, lately I too have been in awe of the power of prayer, and the priviledge we have as believers to come into the presence of God (through our mediator and savior Jesus Christ), what a gift!!
    Soli Deo Gloria

  2. Sweet and sour meatballs?
    But it sounds good
    So good
    I mean, it has meatballs, and that is good, because the Scandinavian in me loves meatballs
    And it has sweet and sour, and I love sweet and sour stuff!

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