my best friend(bethany)’s sister (heather) had her baby!!  alexander richard haupt (xander for short) has arrived!  my mom and i might (hopefully WILL) go down and see mom and baby tonight!  wonderfulness…

our church is experiencing the wave of babies.  first we had the wave of weddings (following rich and [the aforementioned] heather’s wedding in 2000, we had 10 weddings in 2 1/2 years!).  and not long after (or even before!) the last wedding – clay and hayley, january 200 – the wave of babies started.  we’ve had at least 10 since then…  crazy.  and now, it looks as if the wave of weddings is getting ready to come crashing against our shores.  woo-hoo!  there are several “relationships” going on in our church, and we’ve had one wedding already – george and stephanie, july 4th, 2004.  it has begun. 

i’m thinking i wouldn’t mind being caught up in this next wave…  :-p 

such excitement.  good times! 


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  1. YAY, I was just about to call Evie too, but you just answered my question, baby Xander is here ::cheers::, oh and about the wave of weddings that are going to be coming out of “relationships” i would most certaintly agree with you on that one.
    p.s. i wouldn’t mind being “caught up in this next wave” too  ::blushes::

  2. Wow… Heather Lewis?  Or… used to be Lewis.
    I remember when I lived one street over from them.  I used to ride my bike around the corner and play with Evie and Heather, they’d skate around and I’d ride around.  Heather used to take care of us sometimes too when my parents went out and I was still only about 6 or so.
    Good news!

  3. Question: what is up with so many people wanting to get married so young?  Mr. Martin can vouch for this, but it seems like so many people I use to go to school with are either married already or engaged.  Personally, I can’t see myself getting married at an age any younger than like…26.  Looking at that number though…it looks young so maybe more like 28…

  4. now i know who you are!! i don’t have to secretly check out your site to see what this chick jan talks about all the time is up to. it was great to meet you andrea! looking forward to seeing you some more.

  5. the “next wave” huh.  i could be so incredibly witty and mean right now, but i’ll save it until after i kick your butt wrestling over the bed.

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