last night we had a small storm, but it started out with a huge wind storm.  my family took dinner to the shanks, who live in queen creek, where there are many fields, and therefore, much dust.  so windstorms create much dustage action.  duh.  anyway, on the way home we stopped to get gas and my dad puts gas in, then jumps back in the car and goes, “i only put $10 bucks in.  i’m not standing out there any longer!”  and my bro goes, “what, you afraid the gas is going to blow away?” 

our family had the horrible giggles the entire night.  my dad kept trying to find a pair of shorts that would match his t-shirt, and the only ones that really matched well, he discovered he can’t button them.  he’s “outgrown” them.  oh my mom and i laughed so hard.  and then in the car on the way to the shanks, my brother was in full form, causing more laughter.  and then he made one last crack that was just a jewel.  sorry i can’t remember what it was.  something about dropping the food and pest control.  of course, he had to say it as we’re walking up to the front door, carrying the shank’s dinner, so my dad and i are doubled over laughing and gasping for breath and wiping away tears.  yeah, it was that funny.  of course, we were all slightly giddy anyway from laughing in the car….

watched The Italian Job last night.  i finally bought it.  what a great movie.  and did you know that there is an easter egg on that DVD?  (a DVD easter egg is a hidden extra feature not listed in the special features section)  anyway, if you’re in the special features menu, scroll up to the first option (the making off featurette), then press the up arrow again.  it will highlight a section of the screen above the list.  hit enter and it will take you to a series of takes during the whole lyle (napster) imitating the handsome rob/cablegirlbecky conversation.  it’s pretty funny!

i don’t think i’ll ever say “i’m fine” again. 
“you know what ‘fine’ stands for, don’t you?”
“Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional.”


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  1. I AM GOING TO ADOPT YOUR BROTHER!!!! no joke!we will watch The Italian Job when you come out. right after we watch The Village.

  2. I hope you don’t mind my dropping in but I am the mother of one of your WVA friends.  I just wanted to let you know that it’s a good thing there is more than one door into your site or otherwise no one else would be able to visit because I am leaving it up this morning just so I can listen and bathe in the truths of your chosen music loop. 
    BTW: I hope you like strawberry jam because I am sending you enough strawberries to make a batch.

  3. Laughter is the best medicine…I think that is the way that saying goes…I haven’t watched the Italian Jib since it first came out in the theatres, I may have to see it again…til next time: Be Cool

  4. I looked it up, YAY=)
    Main Entry: 1jib Pronunciation: <TT>’jibFunction: nounEtymology: origin unknown: a triangular sail set on a stay extending usually from the head of the foremast to the bowsprit or the jibboom; also : the small triangular headsail on a sloop
    wow, I’m a nerd…

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