we had some great rain last night!  it was beautiful! 

okay, my brother is a such a sweetheart!  yesterday he brought me lunch after he got off work – just out of the blue – and then stayed and chatted with me for awhile.  then he picked me up at the end of the day.  even opened the car door for me.  he’s been doing that more and more lately.  it’s so cute.  and he is so stinkin’ talented!  last night he was leading worship at caregroup using his guitar.  toward the end of the second song, he broke a string.  he gave a goofy smile, shrugged off his guitar and said, “i guess we’ll switch to piano.”  then he sat down at the piano and proceeded to finish leading worship from the piano!  not like i didn’t already know that he could play both – he took piano lessons for like 6 years, then taught himself to play the guitar in like, 2 months – it was just that much more apparent when he had to go from one to the other with nothing but a shrug and a comment in between.  i love that boy…

i think the mailman just asked me out…  the convo went something like this:

mailman walks into the office.  (note: he’s an oriental 30something)
me: “hey.”
him: “hi how are you?”
me: “good.  you know, i got used to the mail coming at 11, and you’ve been coming at like, 10:30 lately.  it’s messing me up.  i’m not ready yet!”
him: “oh.  do you have more?  i can come back later.  i’ll make a special trip back.  i’ll do it for you.”
(yeah so that made me wonder…  i started to get a little wierded out at that point…)
me: “oh that’s alright.  if it’s not ready to go out i just drop it off at a different box on my way home.”
him: (referring to the Paul Lee’s Kitchen that is being built in the lot next door)  “that place is already up!”
me: “yep.  buildings are going up fast around here.”
him: “do you like oriental food?”
me: “yeah, i do”
him: “well maybe we can go over there next time.”
(next time?  next time what?  you drop off our mail?!)
and then the phone rang!  praise GOD on high!  b/c i am very bad (translate: inexperienced) at knowing what to say when a guy does that.  i think i can count on one hand the number of times i’ve experienced something like this…
so i answered the phone and walked back toward my desk.  when i got off i made some comment about the caller.  the mailman just said, “see you later” and left.  whew. 

what was he thinking?  hitting on the church secretary?!  for the love! 

anyway, life goes on.  my friend ashley is having a girls night tonight!  yay!  i’m very much looking forward to that.  then friday we have college group – double yay!  saturday i will hopefully get lots done!  my budget, cut my hair, clean the bathrooms, do some baking… 

oh look, my cute brother is about to walk in the door… 



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  1. Hey hey, why not?  Go get lunch with him next door!  Free food, I’ll bet you anything.  And if it’s bad or annoying, you can pretend to get a call on your cell phone or you can suddenly “realize you have to go back and get some stuff done for the pastor,” et cetera, and that is that.  Who knows, you might make a friend in the process.
    Though that wasn’t a very straightforward “ask” by him, though.  It kind of got the point across but was very ambiguous.  It’s tough to be a guy and try to do that, though.  You have to be ambiguous just enough to not be too forward and rude, but then you have to get the point across also and do all this while doing your best to be polite and nice and cool.
    And don’t act all surprised some guy would ask you out of the blue.  You’re pretty attractive, you know!  That’s just being honest!

  2.   very funny luz. 
    thanks for the compliment chris!  you are always so sweet.  regarding the rest of it… to be honest, i won’t even consider going out with a guy who is not a christian.  i don’t mind making friends with non-christians, i just don’t want to do that in a date-type context.  you know?   

  3. wow. hit on by the mailman! in the most random way possible too … no offense to guys in general but sometimes they can be so, shall we say, “special” ( )!
    your bro sounds very sweet. good guys are great to have around.

  4. Hey there babe! I have returned after dropping off the face of the earth for a few days. Thank you so much for your little present that you left me on my doorstep, I was so blessed, I am so glad that God brought you into my life! Ewww about the mailman…in the words of Kelley…words fail. 😉

  5. yes, words do fail at first.  (i am being quoted all over the place – i love it) but once we recover, and the ideas start flowing… well.  allow me to help you.
    potential response number one:  i’m not andrea, i’m andrea’s twin sister who just happens to be bipolar and schitzophrenic. 
    potential response number two: i’m sorry, could you say that again.  your english is so horrible, i thought you asked me to lunch or something.
    potential response number three: is it that you wish you had a daughter, and that’s why you want to take me out?  i really love happy meals!
    potential response number four:  you are so freaking unpolitically correct.  it’s not “oriental,” it’s ASIAN.
    potential response number five:  you need a pastor.  they will show you the love of christ.  in the meantime, i will give you an idea of hell.  God bless.
    i could go on…

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