OH MY GOSH!  guess what?!  Oliver! is coming to ASU’s Gammage Auditorium in like, three weeks!!!  ::shrieks::  Oliver! is probably my favorite broadway show of all time!  i love it!  i saw it once as a young girl and i also got tickets for my high school graduation.  so it’s been a good 3 years since i’ve seen it.  oh i’m so excited!  there are only a few shows that i am willing to fork out $40 or so to see, and Oliver! is one of them.  woo-hoo!! 

well, last night i had a delightful time at ashley’s house.  we watched a mormon remake of the movie Pride & Prejudice.  it was really cute and well done!  i really enjoyed it!  and actually, as a result of watching that movie, i decided that i like P&P more than i had before.  i have always liked the story, but moreso because it is Jane Austen.  no b/c it was P&P.  there are other of Austen’s novels that i like better.  but this movie – probably because it put a little different spin on things – made me see the story a little differently.  so now i like P&P more for what it is than for who it was by.    i think i should like to read it again now… 

and then, as we went to leave, all of us girls were treated to some “mischief” on our cars.  we lighted upon a certain scene of powdered sugar dumped all over the cars, with caution tape wrapped around it, and a few :cough: men’s “undergarments” taped to the windows.  and the great thing is – we have no idea who it was who did it!    there are several suspects on the list, but overall, we really don’t know.  which is so fun!  and i feel so flattered and loved and thought of to be the subject of some fun mischief! 


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  1. darling, you are probably the only girl on the planet who feels flattered and loved and thought of when some guy tapes his boxers to your car.  that’s actually a little concerning, come to think of it.  so how are you going to find out who did it?  ask the guys in your church if they “lost anything important?” or better yet, wash them and announce that there is a special table in the lobby after church for those guys who feel a little short on essentials.

  2. actually, we think it was girls, given the nature of our guys and the nature of the prank.  i don’t think guys would do that.  well, rob might, but most guys wouldn’t.  but girls would!

  3. Hahaha… boy, that definitely doesn’t sound like something a guy would do.  It’s definitely a girl prank on you!
    Now that I think about it, no guy would ever do something like that.  That would just be… WEIRD.

  4. Guys would definitely do that, I know I would.  And you know what they say, “you know you are loved when someone plays jokes and pranks on you”.  And that is a good one, I only wish I had thought of it, but I’m proud of the pranks and jokes that I’ve pulled in my day.  Oh yeah, Oliver! is pretty good, but I like some of the Gilbert & Sullivan stuff more, like H.M.S. Pinafore.  And a show that I really wanted to see when it came to town was Mel Brooks’ The Producers.  I loved the movie and I wanted to see the play, but, oh well.

  5. I would do it except for the boxers part
    I really don’t understand the boxers part!  That just seems like something a girl would do
    A guy seems like he would saran-wrap it or toilet-paper it more likely

  6. I believe that a girl would go for the tighty-whiteys, rather than the boxers.  Though it is true that guys are more likely to saran-wrap or tp it. I fit were me though I would have gotten a bunch of Oreos, twisted them apart, licked the side with th most creme and them stuck them all over the car…or…if you know they are gonna be away from the car for a while, you see if they left their window cracked a little, as alot of people are prone to do in the Az. summer, then you fill the car with packing peanuts…this puts me in a pranking mood 

  7. Didn’t someone oreo Chelsea Monty’s car one time?
    I remember hearing that man that is a pain to clean off.  So awesome though!

  8. well, our cars had the whitey-tightys, so that’s why we thought it was girls…  actually, some of the girls started investigating and they think now that it was guys. 
    yep, done the oreo thing before…  but saran wrap is loads of fun!

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