cut my hair on saturday!  woo-hoo!!  i so love it!  it feels so short!!  even though it was really only a tad more than a trim (i don’t think my mom took off more than 2 inches).  but i can totally tell the difference, despite the fact that no one else can.  it feels different and i LOVE IT!    happy days. 

yesterday our pastor’s daughter/sister (sr. pastor’s sister, assoc. pastor’s daughter) came in to the office to help me with a big project that came up.  involved lots and lots of copying on the copier upstairs.  well, about 3/4ths of the way thru, the copier jammed.  very very badly.  paper all crumpled up and torn off in utterly (and i’m convinced strategically) unreachable places.  and i am proud to announce that courtney and i fixed the copier completely on our own with our bare hands!  ha!  ahem.  after removing two panels, taking out two drawers, and wedging ourselves around and behind the copier multiple times.  it was quite an adventure!    LOL  i felt all buff and smart and capable when we were finished.  haha.  it was hilarious too, b/c midway through taking off the first panel off the back of the copier, i had this thought flash thru my mind of, “i am strangely reminded of the girl in The Italian Job who busts open safes…”  and not 30 seconds later, courtney goes, “i feel like something out of The Italian Job…”  it was funny…

got caught in the rain – okay okay, so it was more of a medium sprinkle – on the ride to work this morning…  and keep in mind my mode of transportation to work is a bicycle.  yes bi.  as in 2.  as in 2 legs and 2 wheels and 2 pedals and 2….ears.  and no roof.  good times!

edit: i have a new nickname!  my wonderful friend luz decided that my “italian job” nickname is “gorgeous red” (kinda like “‘ansome rob”).  lol    gotta love it!



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  1. Andrea you make me laugh. and the adventure with the copy machine certainly sounds familiar. the thing that I really hate is that when you take it apart, you inevitably end up with black toner all over your pants.

  2. Chris – we’ve been getting bits of rain off and on for the last week or so.  you should come over and get some! 
    Jessi – haha!  i know!  all over your khaki pants!  i know that feeling.  one time i dumped toner on the carpet.  that was not fun.  took forever to get out…
    brad – LOL  thanks! 

  3. bits of rain would be the right word. After being in the mountains last week were it rained [hard] for about 30 of the 72 hours we were there…Phoenix rain is…well, not very rainy.
    [and the copier adventure sounds like fun šŸ˜‰ Glad it all got fixed. I always end up breaking something when I try to unjam copiers/printers/anything with paper jammed inside of it. :p]

  4. Rain in AZ?!?! Never…;) Yay for fixing the copy machine after working in an office for more than 2 years I can fully understand the sense of accomplishment in fixing it yourself. Especially if you have to pay someone from the company 300 bucks to have to come out and fix it. Way to go!

  5. I love your new nickname Andrea, it is so you ;0) . . . the italian job is an excellent movie, and might i add that the lead character is also easy on the eyes ::blushes::
    See you tonight chica bonita

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