i am tired.  yep.  i am pushing 50 hours of work this past week, which is highly unusual for me.  and i had several late nights too.  so i’m feeling rather zonked.  i think i shall take a nap as i don’t have much else to do today after i’m finished at work (yeah i had to go in on a saturday!  i’ve never had to do that before!  talk about a busy season!  whew!).  makes my trip to MD even more exciting and desireable.  a vacation will be nice.  especially one that is completely removed from all things work related.    don’t get me wrong.  i absolutely love my job, and i’m not tired of my job at all.  i’m just looking forward to a little break from all the craziness of life.    and time with kelley [and hopefully janet] will be perfect! 

last night luz came over and we made popcorn and smoothies and watched the italian job.  can i just say [again] that the italian job is seriously one of the best movies ever made?!  wow.  what a great film.  love it love it love it. 

after the movie, my bro and some of of the high school group came over to hang out at our house.  a bunch of the girls came into my room where luz and i were chatting and we had some great girl talk.    we laughed and chattered and shrieked and laughed some more.  it was so fun.  i love being a girl!  and then luz and i laughed and talked some more as we were falling asleep.  good giggle moments and some great thoughts were expressed.  i’m so thankful for wonderful friends! 

i’ve been dwelling a bit this week on the concept of “God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose” (romans 8:28)  i had an emotional freak-out moment monday morning and as i was praying and crying out for help in confusion and frustration and weakness, the Holy Spirit was so faithful to remind me, “this is God’s best for you.  what you are walking through right now, God is leading you in with His best for you in mind.”  and then everything changed.  just remembering that concept, that God has my best in mind and is working all things out perfectly and nothing takes Him by surprise – it totally built my faith and gave me peace and joy and patience and excitment to see what else God has in store – even though i have no idea what is going on, what is around the corner, what the next couple months hold, etc.  all week i have been able to rest in God’s sovereignty and goodness, knowing that i don’t have to know why and how all these things are happening.  i must stop striving.  God knows and God has a perfect plan – with my best and His glory in mind.  so, hakuna matata – no worries!  hmmm… not sure how good it is to quote The Lion King to express an aspect of my current spiritual state, but…  oh well! 

hakuna matata! 


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