7 hours and counting….    i leave TODAY!!!  i’ve printed my boarding pass and i’m set! 

well, andrew remembered the book, so now i really can’t wait to get to the airport!  and my faith in men’s ability to remember and come through has been restored!  okay, i’m exaggerating.  i was never really that concerned.  i knew he’d come through. 

i love my mom.  she and i had a nice conversation while i finished packing this morning…  she’s amazing.  i love her so much. 

last night raigan came over to chat with me while i packed.  she brought me reeses pieces bites!  so sweet.  then she went to the worship team mtg while i ran errands and then she came over again and we rented The Prince and Me.  very sweet and sappy movie.  very girly.  we enjoyed it.   

got a new skirt yesterday for $6.50!  it’s super cute.  and it looks super cute on me, if i may so.    gotta love new clothes that turn into fabulous outfits!

hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend!   


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  1. Boy, oh boy, “The Prince and Me” is sappy.  I got suckered into going to a sneak preview of it with a girl who didn’t tell me what the movie was I was going to see.
    That was about as awkward as it gets… sitting and watching the most romantic, sappy, sugarcoated movie ever with a girl you’re not dating!
    Have a great weekend and a safe trip!

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