i’m home!  wow.  had a total blast this weekend with kelley and co.!  went shopping (got lots of treasures!), went to great falls, laughed and talked a lot, drove around and had many adventures, saw the national cathedral.  it was all just wonderful! 

well folks, i saw the village.  and i liked it!  it was fascinating!  and so well done!  very thought provoking.  also raised some questions.  and it had a few loose ends that it didn’t really explain, but that’s okay.  the acting was phenomenal!  i was totally impressed by joaquin phoenix and adrien brody’s performances. 

okay, i can’t write much detail now.  i shall expound upon the joys of the weekend later.  just wanted to let y’all know i was home! 


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  1. The Village is one of the best movies in a long time.  I am a huge fan of M Night Shamalan.  His directorial efforts have never dissappointed me.  If you have not seen many of his productions I encourage you to.

  2. Glad to hear you had a safe and fun trip! 
    I saw The Village as well, but I have differing thoughts about it than you, I guess.  I didn’t really like it, I usually like Shyamalan’s films, but this one I didn’t really enjoy.  I think Unbreakable is my favorite of his movies.
    Anyways, YAY for great weekends!

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