i shall snatch a quick blogging moment while i partake of my mid-morning snack of trail mix from costco.  good stuff.  lunch is on the way, but it will be arriving later today and i can’t wait that long, even despite the fact that my stomach has totally shrunk over the last 6 months.  i seriously haven’t been eating half of what i used to be able to eat.  weird with a beard. 

recap of the weekend!  hurrah!
i flew through the morning and took off for the airport at 2:30.  the flight was uneventful as far as everyone else was concerned.  i on the other hand was thrilled beyond all get out as i dove into my new treasure – The Hidden Hand.  i gasped, i gaped, i murmured, i mouthed, i shrieked and i smiled.  and alas and alack i didn’t even get half-way thru!  but that is okay!  on the flight home i read some more. 

i got off the plane in baltimore, walked past security and who did i see?! kelley and courtney and janet all waiting for me!  i couldn’t believe they had parked and come in to meet me!  i totally didn’t expect that, so that was a sweet surprise.  and seeing kelley jump up and throw her hands in the air when she saw me made me laugh too.    we chatted and laughed all the back to gaithersburg.  courtney can do one darn good impression of … someone.  i laughed so hard…

well, i forfeited the impending wrestling match and just accepted the bed that night.  i have no idea what time we went to sleep friday night, but i know it was late.  i’ll just say right now that neither of us went to sleep before midnight while i was there.  actually, i had left my watch at home because i had dropped it in a ::cough:: basin ::cough:: of water, and it needed to dry out.  ANYway.  so i had next to no concept of time the whole weekend.  it was fantastic.  i should do that more often…

we slept in till i-don’t-know-when, took our time getting ready, snuck out the front door (kelley’s mom was having her first mtg with the pastor’s college wives!!  how exciting!) and headed to the mall!  what ensued was a grandiose time of setting foot in stores i would not normally frequent, being very open-minded regarding new styles and tastes, trying on and actually considering various clothing articles previously foreign to my semi-preppy style, purchasing many of these new articles, thus obtaining many new and wonderful treasures (andrea vocabulary lesson #1: treasure(s): noun; any new item purchased while out shopping), AND loving every bit of it!!!  it was great!  i’m so thrilled about the new clothes.  and kel was just peachy in helping me and encouraging and getting all excited with and for me!  kel, i’ll shop with you ANY day (combat boot intentions and all! )! 

after the mall we grabbed food and headed back to her house, where we hung for a short time and then headed off to see the national cathedral with ryan tiren, casey (the normal tiren – we totally hit it off), and jeremy bowers.  we took the metro (always an adventure), which brought back many memories of my family’s trip to DC back in march.  let’s just say that doing anything with ryan and jeremy is destined to involve adventures and laughs.  we walked several blocks to the national cathedral.  it was closed upon our arrival, so we walked around and admired the outside, imagined ladies stolling allong the ballustrades and envisioned knights riding in underneath the arches.  and we also sternly instructed the young men in our midst that you do NOT take the girl ring shopping with you!  you ask friends and family and surprise her with the ring!  don’t take her with you!  ahem.  take note all men reading this blog.  unless for some odd reason the girl says she wants to know and wants to go.  whatever.  ::shrug::  we had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, which, to our surprise and delight, ryan paid for.  very sweet.  he and jeremy had casey, kelley, and i gasping for breath as we nearly passed out laughing at their imitation of some native american tribal ceremony.  oh dear Lord.  utter hilarity! 

sunday morning we went to church.  it was quite a momentous occasion for the church family.  they presented this year’s pastors college families to the church, which was very exciting!  it’s quite the international class this year, with families from russia, india, and bolivia.  then, CJ Mahaney gave his farewell speech as their Sr. Pastor, as he will be stepping down to let Josh Harris take over as Sr. Pastor in two weeks.  (just for clarification, CJ isn’t going anywhere and it wasn’t his last sermon ever, he’s just signifying a change of roles and positions).  anyway, it was emotional and sad and wonderful at the same time. 

we had lunch at Red Robin with a good group of peeps.  quote from the meal:
ruth: “my husband is going to have to be a lot like me so he can understand the way i think!”
andrea: “but isn’t that the fun of it?  spending your life endeavoring to learn more and more about someone?”
kelley: “ha!  and then you can keep ’em guessing!”

after lunch we drove up to Great Falls, which is a part of the potomac river that is the border between maryland and virginia and has beautiful water falls!  we hiked and climbed over rocks and mini cliffs.  it was loads of fun!  definitely a highlight of the trip! 

we were at great falls till about 6ish i think (again, i had little concept of time).  after getting back to the ricuccis, we ordered chinese food and watched the italian job.  finally, kel has been exposed to the italian job!  “you’re not too bright are you? … puhr-fect!”  and yet another late night was had…

we slept in again.  that felt great.  we bummed around the house a bit, took our pretty little time (no pun intented) getting ready.  THEN!  woo-hoo!  we went and saw The Village!  janet came too, which was almost funny, b/c she didn’t know a thing about the movie going in.  i, on the other hand, knew just about all one could know!  we both enjoyed it.  i was utterly fascinated by the implications and concepts presented about society and life and love and innocence.  fascinating.  i thought the character of noah was left too unexplained.  i had many questions about him in the end.  but he also was the one i found most fascinating.  oh, and the scene where lucius and ivy are sitting on the porch at night – seriously, every girl needs to see that scene!  so good!!  i fell in love with lucius’ character.  what a great movie.  i think i shall have to see it again…

after The Village we got dinner at Panera (a bakery place much like Wildflower Bread Company or Paradise Bakery) and then headed back to the house to get my stuff.  affectionate goodbyes were exchanged, a few pictures snapped, and then janet took me to the airport.  at that point the tiredness started to hit.  but i forced myself to read some more of the Hidden Hand, b/c it’s so good!  alas, i only lasted about half the flight when i was overpowered by the sleep bandit.  i slept most of the rest of the way.  mom picked me up and i talked with her a bit at the house before falling into bed. 

i hit the road running tuesday morning so my bag continued to look like a clothing volcano exploding and oozing onto my bedroom floor, chair, bed, dresser….  i finally got it all picked up last night.  and life resumes.

all in all it was a fabulous weekend!!  special thanks and hugs and props and a dozen pink milkshakes go out to kelley for spending it all with me!  i had a marvelous time!  i can’t wait till you come out here to visit!!  how does the 3rd week of november sound? 

well the snack is gone and lunch is on it’s way.  back to real life.    it’s good to be home. 


4 thoughts on “

  1. hello.  i’d just like to provide clarity on the issue of the watch.  *ahem* SHE DROPPED HER FREAKIN’ WATCH IN THE FREAKIN’ TOILET BOWL EVERYONE!!!!!!
    i LOVE re-reading the adventures!  so fun! 
    third week of november sounds like a BLAST… as long as its after the 22nd (my boy’s bday)

  2. thanks FRIEND.  i was hoping you would overlook that.  you got your laugh over it, isn’t that enough?    nah, it’s fine.  why do you think i wrote it that way? 
    it would be the 19th, 20th, and 21st.  fri – sun.  so you would probably want to fly home on monday, which would be the 22nd.  hmmm….

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