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yep yep yep!  he’s always been my favorite! 


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  1. I just watched that movie last night and can I just say that I love it!
    “I no longer have to call you Mr. Knightley, you are MY Mr. Knightley.” Soooo good!
    Miss ya girl…

  2. My job is not that high level and awesomeness.  It is an increase in responsibility and pay though.  But it looks good and I’m excited about it. 

  3. Sorry this post is after the fact but I wanted to comment on your last post (Monday’s journal entry).  Even though I am an old married woman I still enjoy a little romance and have to say I too enjoyed the moment Lucious and Ivy had on the porch in The Village.  I also found the character Noah intriguing.  I think he had an important role.  He showed us the elders were not able to eradicate all evil (the color red) from the village because after he stabbed Lucious we saw it(the bad color) was on the inside.  It was definately a movie worth seeing twice. 

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