wow, i really need to post.  sorry about the silence peeps! 

had a super fun weekend last weekend.  (forgive me for writing about last weekend on thursday!)  friday night i went to a pirate party for a friend of mine’s 15th bday party.  she’s been planning it for months, but what she didn’t know, was that i had been planning a little surprise of my own for her.  as soon as i knew it was going to be a pirate party, i called my friend john, who had come to my pirate party back in january dressed to the hilt as jack sparrow.  ya’ll remember him?  yeah, well i asked him to come and make an appearance at kierstyn’s party.  so he did.  and it was a smashing hit!  the craziest part was, the day before the party, he asked me to do a little bit of acting with him.  basically, he asked me to get mad at him at the party and hit him.  like slap him.  for real.  really slap him across the face.  after 20 minutes on the phone of him convincing me that i really could do it, i said i’d try, and then spent the entire day friday telling myself, “you CAN and you WILL!”  it was a stretch.  i didn’t think i had that hard of a time with acting, but hitting my good friend?  a guy i totally respect?  that’s a stretch.  but i did it and it went off really well.  i hit him harder than either of us had anticipated (how should i know how hard is too hard? it’s not like i’m practiced at these things!), but john told me afterwards that he’d rather i hit him too hard than too soft.  so it was good.  the party was a blast and kierstyn was blessed.  she did a fantastic job decorating and dressing up too!  the house looked SO good with pirate-looking stuff all over.  and her costume was adorable!  i was quite impressed. 

then from the party i was off to bank one ballpark to join my favorite group of friends – my church singles/college-age group – for the diamondbacks game.  it was quite uneventful.  we won by one very lame home-run hit that almost wasn’t.  and then they actually had the nerve to call it the play of the game.  tragic.  but i had some great fellowship time with andrew talking about the book he lent me and biblical roles, etc.  good stuff.  after the game, ashley, evie, and i drove with andrew back to kristin’s house.  that was an interesting ride.  after three attempts at finding a place for andrew to use the bathroom in downtown phx, we finally got on the freeway and rode the whole way listening to “thriller” and Hansen and some other random songs that were very fun to dance around to in the car.  much laughing ensued. 

saturday i went to see Oliver! with my Grammy!!  it was FABULOUS!!!  oh, i love that play.  i think it was even more fun because i’m so familiar with all the music.  and the artful dodger has always been one of my favorite characters, and he was great!  you know, i had forgotten that there is quite a difference between a traveling broadway tour performance, and all other performances.  i’ve seen several plays by valley youth theatre, or small schools, or local troupes that are good and definitely reflect some talent, but there is definitely a difference in caliber when it comes to the professional tour.  i’m a total sucker for good choreography, and this was outstanding!  very well choreographed and performed!  woo-hoo! 

going to plays with my Grammy is something of a traditional memory.  she took me to see some of my first plays.  i think the very first was The Nutcracker at ASU’s Gammage auditorium.  and then she bought me a plastic tiara.    the first time i saw Oliver! she took me and my mom.  so plays with Grammy are special memories that i know i will always treasure. 

sunday i spent the afternoon with bethany.  what an amazing friend.  i love her so much.  she seriously is one of the most amazing ppl i know. 

we rented Girl With A Pearl Earring.  very interesting movie.  rather slow, and there is a distinct absence of dialogue.  it’s not non-existent, it’s just very minimal.  noticeably so.  but an interesting story.  don’t know if i’d recommend the movie – it wasn’t fabulous – but we thought it was interesting.

this week has been crazy!  i’m the only secretary in the office at present for 7 pastors.  we’re working on hiring another person for secretarial stuff, but until that happens, it’s just me.  and with my boss (the administrator) on vacation this week, it really is just me!  crazy-busy!  but definitely good!  i love it!  

and life goes on.  tonight is my first night at home all week.  and i definitely need it!  my budget seriously needs to get done.  i got paid last week, and spent a nice sum of greenage in MD, so there’s a bit of catching up to do.  plus i have some reading i’d like to do.  ::coughhiddenhandcough::  i’m dying to finish that book! 

speaking of books, my cousins (nicole and becky) and i are meeting once a week now to go through the book “War of Words” by Paul David Tripp.  this morning was our first meeting.  i’m very excited!  it’s going to be a great time for us together.  we’re also calling it “trying to be Godly women who don’t talk” or “the silent ones” in mockery of our notoriousness for being quite the talkative trio.   

anyway, fun times await this weekend!  friday night shin-dig with the gang (sovgrace singles) over at andrew’s.  possible canning adventure with luz at the ekstrands.  youth saturday night.  no clue what sunday holds (besides church, of course)…

sorry about the lengthy post.  i’ll try to be a tad more consistent so as not to be quite so verbose at one time. 

au revoir!   



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